South Park theory: Cartman runs the LARGEST restaurant in town

South Park’s Raisins is Cartman’s extremely haunting restaurant.

If there’s anything fans know South Park, is that the show is not afraid of taking great risks with dangerous jokes. That means pushing the boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, and more in your comedy. Jokes usually have a bigger point as well as a back story. But there is a gag that keeps popping up in the series that has yet to be fully explained. The grossest restaurant in town could secretly involve Cartman.

Most people are familiar with the Hooters concept even if they have never set foot in one. For those who don’t know, Hooters is a restaurant chain that sells bar-style food served by well-dressed and scantily-clad women. Needless to say, these restaurants are not necessarily for everyone. There has been an ongoing conversation about the concept that is extremely demeaning to women in general since the first location opened.

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South Park has its own version of Hooters called Raisins, and it’s staffed almost exclusively by fourth-graders wearing outfits similar to what waitresses wear at Hooters. All the girls who work at Raisins are named after luxury car brands, which adds to the vibe. The only person that fans have seen working there who isn’t a 4th grade girl is Maury, a giant boy who acts as a janitor.

Maury and the raisins girls

To put it mildly, it is a disturbing concept to sexualize girls so young. The underlying jaw is South Park pointing out the ridiculous nature of hypersexualizing younger and younger girls while simultaneously shooting Hooters. But there is a great deal missing from this joke, which is where Cartman potentially plays a role.

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It has never been revealed who owns and operates Raisins. The restaurant first appeared in Season 7, Episode 14 when the boys took Stan there after Wendy left him for Token. It has appeared a few more times since then over the years. But in all that time, no adult has ever been seen working there. Adults appear as clients from time to time, hopefully they only go there because their own children are clients.

Even if one were to assume that Raisins is a fictitious subsidiary of Hooters, that does not explain how they are avoiding child labor and hazard laws. This is a fully functioning business, after all. But if anyone could figure out how to do it, it would be Eric Cartman. At this point, it is well established that Cartman is literally capable of anything. You have no moral problem committing a crime if you think it will benefit you.

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Someone has to be running Raisins. Cartman has shown on more than one occasion that he can step into the business world and be successful. In addition, he has experience operating a restaurant. He once used stem cells from aborted fetuses that he found in a semi-trailer truck to create a second Shakey’s Pizza for him. And he once owned and operated his own theme park with great success.

Boys eat at Raisins

Although there are many potential Raisins owners, no one would be surprised to learn that Cartman was involved. It just seems like the kind of idea you would come up with. Plus, they serve the exact kind of greasy, fried food that you love. The more the idea is examined, the more likely it seems that Cartman is the brains of the operation.

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