Southern charm: all the reasons A-Rod would approach Madison LeCroy

Southern Charm fans are contemplating all the possible reasons Alex Rodriguez would approach Madison LeCroy when he’s with Jennifer Lopez.

Southern charm Fans are contemplating every possible reason Alex Rodriguez would approach Madison LeCroy when he has J-Lo. The two don’t seem to run in the same circles, so how does the story add up?

The season was toxic for Madison as she continued her toxic infinity circle of a relationship with Austen Kroll. The Charleston self-made villain of the season continues to deny that he ever had an affair with Alex Rodriguez. The mother of one can’t seem to take a break when her co-stars, which include Danni Baird, revealed inside information about her. Now, rumors are running that she was involved with the former New York Yankee, but she claims “They never met.”

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The blonde bombshell carefully worded her responses about her alleged affair with the retired baseball player. While he has said that the two never met in real life, he has revealed that they did FaceTimed while he was dating Jennifer Lopez.

Alex has denied the rumors, but Madison told Andy Cohen during the meeting that “He contacted me, and yes, we sent a DM, but other than that there was nothing … I had never seen or touched him.” Fans will recall that the baseball player asked the singer to marry him in March 2019. At one point during their relationship, the two were rumored to have discussed having an open marriage. Once again, the representative of the couple denied these rumors. A-Rod has been at the center of multiple infidelity rumors, including an incident that occurred the day after their engagement in which his former teammate, José Canseco, had claimed that Alex was cheating on the Latin singer with his wife. Jessica Canseco. Shortly after a fire was put out, a Playboy model named Zoe Gregory said Sun who had asked for sex videos.

It’s not that far-fetched to think that A-Rod could have reached out to Madison via social media. Madison herself has only admitted to speaking to the slugger on the phone and never meeting. To end the rumors once and for all, Madison made a statement saying that she had never been physical with J-Lo’s fiancé. Whether the rumors are true remains to be seen, but fans love this trashy gossip factory that is the gift he keeps giving.

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Southern charm airs Thursday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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