Spider-Man’s fight with Kingpin concludes in the giant edition of King’s Ransom

In May, Marvel will release Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom one-shot, which serves as the conclusion to the upcoming Spider-Man story arc.

The next arc of Amazing Spider-Man it is apparently so large that it will be completed in one go.

“King’s Ransom” starts in Amazing Spider-Man # 61 and features Spider-Man taking on the Kingpin, enlisting the help of his enemy turned roommate Boomerang. “King’s Ransom” will conclude with an oversized one-shot in May, written by Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer and illustrated by Rogê Antônio (X-Men Red, Conan the barbarian).

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“If you thought 2020 held big surprises from Spidey (the return of the Green Goblin, the revelation of Kindred as Harry Osborn, the reign of terror of the Sin Eater), you still haven’t seen anything.” Amazing Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe promises. “Nick Spencer is telling the biggest stories in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN history and they can’t fit into a regular comic, so we’re GIANTS, starting with the cacophonous climax of ‘King’s Ransom.’

Kingpin has appeared sporadically throughout Spencer’s career in Amazing Spider-Man, using his position as mayor of New York City to try to turn the other heroes of New York against Spidey and hunt down Boomerang. Kingpin has been looking for the Table of Life and Time, and in Amazing Spider-Man # 59 Mr. Negative promised to take him to the Table of Death and Entropy. What Kingpin is looking for with the tablet remains to be seen.

Written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Rogê Antônio, and with a cover by Mark Bagley, Giant-sized Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom # 1 goes on sale in May from Marvel.

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