Star Wars: A High Republic Jedi Master Has Just Fallen To The Dark Side

In Star Wars: The High Republic # 2, a Jedi Master appears to have fallen prey to the Dark Side in a manner similar to the descent of Anakin Skywalker.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic # 2 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Annalisa Leoni and Ariana Maher of VC, out now.

Star Wars: the high republic # 1 featured the Trandoshan warrior, Sskeer, a lizard-like Jedi Master. While training Padawan Keeve, he appeared to be one of the most heroic and revered mentors of the Starlight Beacon, the new Jedi space station. However, after the station was dedicated and Keeve was appointed a Jedi, he returned to his rooms and began screaming.

This suggested that something was terribly wrong and that he was experiencing some kind of distress that he hoped to keep secret. Now, The high republic # 2 hints that he could very well be falling into the dark side.

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Sskeer brings Keeve, Ceret and Terec to answer a distress call and they end up on a ship that has been raided. When they enter, they find poison gas, and Sskeer realizes that it is the work of the Nihil terrorists. These are the same terrorists that he fought in the Battle of Kur, where he lost a close friend, the Jedi known as Jora Malli, in the shootout.

While Sskeer makes moves just to investigate, he is ambushed by a stray Nihil who jumps from the roof. However, Sskeer reacts quickly and cuts him in half. But after his enemy has been dispatched, Sskeer keeps slicing, slicing through the body while screaming. As Master Yoda has always said, this kind of anger is the path to the Dark Side, and Sskeer clearly can’t control his emotions right now. Even when questioned by the juniors, Sskeer is dismissive and insists that death was the only form of this “coward.”

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Second, the fact that he couldn’t feel the soldier suggests that his judgment was clouding as well. This could mean that his connection to the Force has been temporarily severed, another indication that he is truly losing himself. When he tells Marshall Kriss minutes later on a call that “these animals have no honor”, she realizes that something is wrong. Nonetheless, he heads to Sedri to investigate a barley grain they found on the ship, which the Nihil clearly stole, but surprisingly, he does not want Keeve to accompany him.

She is shocked at his attitude, and later, as she and Kriss make court, the boss admits that they should never have let Sskeer go with Ceret. Kriss sensed something was wrong, and believes that it all has to do with Kur’s lingering trauma from Sskeer, especially since Sskeer is having visions of the battle after all and how he was shot on his ship.

This seems to be the reason why he can’t grow his hand back as well, as he seems to blame himself for Jora’s death. Guilt turns to hatred and remembers Anakin Skywalker. In fact, Sskeer’s fury evokes Anikin’s early dark turn, as he slaughtered the Tusken Raiders who kidnapped his mother, Shmi, in Attack of the clones. And with the flashbacks still going on and emotions swirling through him, Sskeer seems doomed to make some decisions that he will regret.

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