Star Wars turns the poison of forgotten legends into a great storyline

A forgotten poison from the Star Wars expanded universe, now branded as “Legends,” has returned in The High Republic, serving as an integral plot point.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic # 2

A forgotten poison of Star Wars‘original expanded universe, now called “Legends, “Has returned in The High Republic, serving as an integral point of the plot in his new narrative era.

When the new Jedi Knight Keeve Tennis enters the Kazlin System with her Reptilian Master Skkeer, along with the Kotabi, they are horrified to find debris floating in space. Hoping that there may be survivors of whatever catastrophe has occurred, they board a ship, not knowing what they will find. Star Wars: The High Republic # 2 It is written by Cavan Scott with art by Ario Anindito, inks by Mark Morales, and colors by Annalisa Leoni.

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When the doors open, the young Jedi are surrounded by green smoke, a gas that forces them to wear their respirators. They soon realize that the smoke was just a distraction, as one of the Kotabi twins, Ceret, retrieves the corpse of a Hutt, a member of the Jabba the Hutt species. It assumes that the cause of death is a specific poison and the name falls “Nagnol”, which is a natural gas that can disrupt the ship’s sensors and can be fatal to Hutts. This is the first time that Nagnol has been integrated into the new canon, with its original appearance in Tales of Star Wars # 8. It was later mentioned out of the blue in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Now, it appears that the pirates known as Nihil have seized the toxin and used it to murder and rob the Hutts. This serves as the young Jedi’s first meeting with Nihil, who are said to be the main antagonists in the rest of the multimedia initiative.

During the Galactic Civil War, Captain Antilles tasked C-3PO with a secret mission to deliver cargo. The protocol droid used Nagnol to stay hidden from the pirates when they boarded his ship, saving the mission. Ironically, the gas crosses paths with space pirates again in the galaxy’s past. It seems that the more things change in the galaxy, the more they stay the same, as the Hutts were involved in shady deals since the High Republic era. It’s nothing new to longtime fans who would be robbed and killed by space pirates.

Until this point, it didn’t seem clear how the peace in the galaxy could be disrupted, with a new evil force presenting a challenge to young Jedi. Given that his first major incident involved the murder of some infamous members of the Hutt family, there is good reason for Keeve and his friends to be concerned. As his adventures continue, Nihil is sure to become a much more significant threat to the High Republic. Star Wars: The High Republic # 2 is currently available for purchase.

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