Starcraft Bitcoin Prize Could Have Made Tournament Losers Millionaires

A StarCraft 2 tournament may have inadvertently turned its losers into millionaires by giving them 25 Bitcoins in 2011, when it was valued at around $ 1.

TO Starcraft 2 2011 tournament may have inadvertently turned its losers into millionaires thanks to Bitcoin. The tournament had a jackpot of around $ 1,000, but it also included 25 Bitcoins for some of the losers, which weren’t worth much back then, but are now a fortune.

Bitcoin has become one of the most valuable forms of currency available. The value comes in part from its limited availability; Only 21 million Bitcoins were made and only a little over 18 million have been mined and put into circulation. As of today, Bitcoin is valued at about $ 47,000. The price of the cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in recent years, going from something worth three digits to four digits. In 2020, Bitcoin went from roughly $ 7,000 to over $ 30,000 in a matter of months. The cryptocurrency continues to rise and will likely only continue to grow, possibly until it reaches a six-digit figure.

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As pointed out Lee Sharpe on Twitter, a Starcraft 2 The tournament inadvertently turned its losers into potential millionaires. the Star boat The 2011 tournament was hosted by the StarCraft Brood War AoV clan and originally had a jackpot of around $ 700 before increasing to $ 1,000. The tournament awarded $ 500 to the first place winner, $ 250 to the second place, $ 150 to the third place and $ 100 to the fourth place. From fifth to eighth place they got 25 Bitcoins each, something that was not so sought after in 2011.

The 25 Bitcoins offered to each of the four players were valued at roughly $ 41.25 in total at the time, according to Liquipedia tournament data. Now, they could buy an expensive house, a nice car, and more with the prize money, if they kept it. The four award winners were Sziky, Kolll, Hejek, and Jumper. It is unclear what happened to their Bitcoin, but if they still have it, they will likely settle. As Sharpe also pointed out on Twitter, it appears that whoever organized the Starcraft 2 The tournament was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and had 100 Bitcoins lying around. The total valuation of that would be $ 4.7 million today, so hopefully the organizer doesn’t screw up all of his Bitcoin.

Dice Bitcoin keeps increasing at a rapid rate, if it reaches $ 100,000 in valuation, these Starcraft 2 players could turn what was once $ 41.25 into $ 2.5 million. Needless to say, this is not something that anyone could have predicted in 2011. It was probably just a way to fill in the prize pool rather than someone actually believing this would pay off for these players in the long run.

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Source: Lee Sharpe

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