Superman and Wonder Woman are DC’s worst couple

Many writers have wondered what a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman would look like, but has anyone really made it believable?

Superman Y Wonder Woman They are not just two of the most recognized characters in DC, they are two of the most powerful. So it’s natural for readers to imagine what a relationship would look like between the two. However, just because they are the strongest man and woman in the DC Universe does not mean they are a good match. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped DC from trying to put them together. Fans may recognize the handful of alternate universes and future baddies that portray Clark and Diana as something of a couple, but that only scratches the surface.


Superman and Wonder Woman kissing before the crisis

The duo’s first romantic date, ironically, comes from Superman’s Girlfriend: Lois Lane # 136 in 1974. That saw Superman declare his love for Wonder Woman and kiss her passionately. As was common at the time, the concept of gaining attention was misleading, as the entire relationship is revealed as a ruse to save Lois from a villain. The concept of relationship would be revised in 1981 DC Comics Presents # 32 where the love god Eros tricks the two of them into briefly dating.

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The first time a relationship between Diana and Clark would be teased in one of his solo books would be the milestone. Wonder Woman # 300 which focuses on Diana’s dreams. In a dream, Clark falls on Paradise Island instead of Steve Trevor. This leads to a costumed wedding in which a priest comically refers to them as “Superman and Wonder Wife.” Romance would be hinted at one last time before Crisis on Infinite Earths completely rewrote DC continuity in the iconic Alan Moore story For the man who has it all. Wonder Woman gives Superman a single kiss for his birthday, causing Superman to ask her why they don’t kiss more often.

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Superman and Wonder Woman kissing after the crisis

Although DC seemed interested in bringing Clark and Diana together, the beginning and end of their post Crisis on Infinite Earths The relationship would come in 1988 Action Comics # 600. The comic sees Superman admit that he loves Diana since they met. He even goes so far as to say that he has had intense dreams of Diana. Although he admits to sharing Clark’s feelings, and the two kiss in Earth orbit, the two ultimately decide that they are better off as friends as Diana finds her place in the world. There is the implication that they could end up together in the future, but this plot is completely discarded.

Kingdom come

Superman and Wonder Woman kiss Kingdom Come

From 1996 Kingdom come is one of many dystopian future DCs. This one sees an older Superman battling a wave of violent antiheroes who have no problem killing supervillains. This eventually results in an all-out war between superheroes, which ends with Superman fighting Shazam, and an exploding nuclear warhead that ends up killing most of the superhero community. The groundbreaking miniseries ends with Superman taking up his father’s job as a farmer and accepting a pair of glasses and a kiss from Wonder Woman before she leaves for Paradise Island.

While that exchange may seem downright platonic compared to some of the previous relationships they’ve had, it is revealed in the sequel series. The kingdom that Clark and Diana eventually married and had a son named Jonathan, making this Jonathan Kent’s first appearance decades before he entered the main continuity.

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The dark knight strikes again

Superman and Wonder Woman kiss again with Dark Knight

While Wonder Woman is strangely absent from the original Return of the dark knight, she plays a much more prominent role in its much maligned sequel, The dark knight strikes again. This dystopian future makes it clear that while Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t exactly a couple, they have slept together multiple times. Superman finally takes on the task of guiding his daughter Lara. Her unique heritage as an Amazonian and Kryptonian makes her an incredibly powerful person. Unfortunately, Diana and Clark have a decidedly antagonistic relationship as this version of Wonder Woman generally hates men.

Other alternate universes

Those might be the best-known examples of alternate universes where the two of you have a romantic relationship, but they’re far from the only one. From 1998 Superman: distant fires it was a post-apocalyptic story where all normal humans die in a nuclear war and all superheroes are stripped of their power. Superman enters a love triangle between him, Wonder Woman, and Shazam. Shazam and Superman fight and Superman wins. After Diana chooses Clark over Billy, he rebels. Superman and Wonder Woman finally have a son, Bruce, and they all regain their power, leading to a war that causes another apocalypse. In an echo of Superman’s own origin, Clark and Diana send their son on a rocket, away from the dying land.

In a similar vein is JLA: act of God 2001. Through a method that is never explained, all the world’s heroes are completely stripped of their powers. This leads Clark into a depressive drunken spiral that ends with Lois Lane leaving him. He and Diana end up together, and the comic ends with their newborn son showing off some of the powers his parents lost. There are also hints of a relationship in universes like Superman: Red Son Y DC: the new frontier, although readers are not given anything as explicit as what came before.

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The new 52

Superman and Wonder Woman kissing New 52

It would take the entire universe to break up and get back together for Diana and Clark to fall in love again in mainstream DC continuity. From 2012 League of Justice # 12 made headlines with its shocking cover depicting Superman and Wonder Woman kissing each other in flight. They would eventually break up due to a combination of Superman’s unresolved feelings for Lois Lane and other comic-related shenanigans. DC must have recognized just how controversial this relationship was as it was completely undone and erased from continuity at the time of DC: Renaissance.

Although the writers seem to have fallen in love with the idea, it is much less popular with fans. Unlike some heroes like Captain America or Batman, both Wonder Woman and Superman have pretty consistent love interests in Steve Trevor and Lois Lane, and it’s not just tradition why they are the perfect match for their respective heroes. DC’s two most powerful heroes need human love interests. Superman and Wonder Woman need that connection to the people they save that a powerless human provides.

However, more than necessary, it is something that both characters want. Superman does not see himself as an alien and he does not see himself above anyone else. He loves Lois because she doesn’t need powers to do good. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman grew up as a princess in a world full of gods and powerful entities. Diana’s character is about trying to understand the world outside of Paradise Island. Only by falling in love with someone like Steve can you truly understand the world that normal people live in.

It’s telling that most of the alternate universes where Superman and Wonder Woman end up together are bad futures. Although it may have sparked a relationship in For the man who has it all Alan Moore seemed to understand this, since the unpublished Superhero twilight represents a world dominated by superhero dynasties like the House of Steel led by Superman Y Wonder Woman. Whether consciously or not, the DC writers who have been pairing the two have shown exactly why they shouldn’t end up together.

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