A newer member of the Teen Titans first introduced in the New 52 era is thriving in the dark future featured on Future State.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Future State: Shazam # 1 by Tim Sheridan, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo and Rob Leigh, out now.

The future of the Teen Titans does not look good. Compared to other futures, yours is depressingly bleak. They have lost limbs, both to death and villainy (and in one case a fusion of two classic titans). But while the Titans may still be reeling from their losses, a dormant New 52 hero has finally resurfaced and is thriving under these conditions.

Miguel Barragán, alias Bunker, debuted for the first time in 2011 Teen Titans # 1 by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Carlos M. Mangual. Bunker was born in a small Mexican town called “El Chilar” and developed metahuman powers during his childhood, being able to create constructions from psionic energy. In addition to the things that made him different from most people in his hometown, there was the fact that he was also gay. Fortunately for Miguel, his village was a very receptive and supportive place to live. He grew up loved and was taught to love being himself.

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When he was old enough and had proper control of his powers, Miguel decided it was time to leave his home and try to use his gifts forever. He wanted to find Red Robin, who had sent a message urging young meta teens to join in. Miguel’s hope was that Red Robin could teach him how to be a real hero. Sure enough, Bunker found and impressed Tim Drake with his abilities, becoming one of the first to join the burgeoning Teen Titans.

Bunker’s time on the team was short, but illustrious. He helped form the new team as a resistance to NOWHERE, a sinister organization that kidnaps super-powered youth for unknown reasons. With his help, the Teen Titans dismantled the rebel group and managed to free most of their captives, including Superboy. Bunker fought alongside the Teen Titans when they attempted to rescue Red Robin from the Joker during Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Death of the Family” event. During that particular mission, he managed to impress Arsenal enough with his abilities that the seasoned hero figured Bunker would join the Justice League before he was twenty.

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After Bunker’s boyfriend woke up from his coma, Miguel decided to leave the team for a while, promising to return. Unfortunately, this Teen Titans streak ended shortly after their departure and Bunker never got a chance to meet up with his teammates. But Arsenal were right about how valuable a Bunker hero was and would be, and in the era of the “Future State”, Miguel is a respected member of the Detroit incarnation of the Justice League alongside heroes like Shazam and Vixen.

By the time of the future state, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse had arrived on Earth, possessing the bodies of various heroes to perform their grim functions. Bunker was one of the few heroes left to face them. He worked alongside Shazam to devise a magical way to contain the Riders. As always, he tries to remain a beacon of optimism and holds himself and others to the high standards that heroes must maintain.

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