Temptation Island: Where to Follow Season 3 Singles on IG

12 single guys will tempt four engaged women on season 3 of Temptation Island. Get to know these men better by following them on Instagram.

Island of temptation 3 will feature 12 single men trying to fall in love with women who are already in committed relationships with different people, and it’s the perfect time to follow those guys on Instagram. In 2019, USA Network restarted the Temptation island franchise and took the series to new heights. Despite the various competing shows as Island of love Y Too hot to handle, it’s safe to say that Temptation island it is already earning a place in pop culture.

Since its first season that aired in 2019, the USA Network version of Temptation island it has been gaining many followers over the years. While the concept of the series may sound a bit “out there” to some reality TV fans, the show still manages to tell great stories about things like confidence, love, heartbreak, and self-confidence. Unfortunately, the franchise also has many beautiful contestants and dramatic moments, which always help to spice things up. In 2021, fans finally get the third season they have long waited for.

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This year, Temptation island Season 3 will feature 12 single men in the village, giving each a chance to meet four girls in relationships who are beginning to doubt their boyfriends. This cast of singles includes Alex Alvarez (@ atrain0769), Dr. Blake Eyres (@ dr.blakeeyres), David Silvia (@davesilvia_), Evan McFadden (@evan_ty_mcfadden), Griffin Libhart (@yaboygrif), Jesse Stephanos (@jessestephanos), Juwan Haynes (@juwandehaynes), Lex Lindquist (@lechelife_), Rocky Buttery (@ rockyrsb3), Shaquille Urie (@shaqurie), Tom Triola (@tommy_triola) and Trent Jespersen (@trentjespersen).

We’ll have to tune in to find out if the Island of temptation 3 women can resist the good looks and undeniable charisma of these 12 single men. In the past, many girls have been quite successful in staying loyal throughout their lives. Temptation island experiences. With that said, things can always change with a new batch of couples and singles. At the end of the day, this series is designed to make those decisions as difficult as possible for women who already have boyfriends.

Would not be Temptation island without much chaos and many plot twists. By the looks of it, it will be harder than ever to resist temptation in the village this year.

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Island of temptation 3 premieres Tuesday, February 16 at 10 pm EST in the US.

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