After much drama, fans think it may be time for Chris Harrison to leave the Bachelor Nation, but who will replace him? They want Rachel Lindsay.

Following Chris Harrison’s mean and insensitive comments, fans want Rachel Lindsay to replace Harrison as host of The Bachelor. Lindsay, a contestant on the show’s season 21 and season 13 Bachelorette, has yet to respond. Harrison has recently been in trouble after his interview with Lindsay on Extra.

If you are a fan of The BachelorThere is no doubt that he has been aware of the events surrounding the racist past of favorite Rachael Kirkconnell. As the series unfolded, fans delved into their social media accounts and found plenty of evidence that the problematic behavior and rhetoric surrounding the race has been engaged in and tolerated over and over again. Following all these tests coming to light, Single Host Chris Harrison responded publicly in an interview conducted by Rachel Lindsay on Extra. Rather than openly criticizing Kirkconnell’s actions, Harrison defended her, prompting many fans to call for her removal from her former role as head of the Bachelor Nation..

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After this interview, fans went so far as to put together an online campaign to get Harrison fired. The signatures have arrived, including some notable contributions from Single ex student. Now that many fans are hell-bent on getting rid of Harrison, they have also proposed that a suitable replacement would be none other than the woman who spoke to him in this controversial interview, Rachel Lindsay. The idea for this change first came from a graphic posted on Instagram by Charlatans, a podcast hosted by Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose.

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Bachelorette Party Rachel Lindsay

Support for Lindsay as the new host poured in in the comments and also r / thebachelor, the dedicated Reddit page for Single fans. “👏👏👏 let’s make it happen” said a fan. “Rachel replacing Chris Harrison is what 2021 NEEDS”, intervened in another. One Reddit user added that it may also be time to reconsider the age and background of the contestants being cast. “I’m here for it. Maybe they could also FINALLY pick mature adults over aspiring 21-25 year old influencers, troubled white southern ones.”

While there was a lot of support for the idea of ​​Lindsay replacing Harrison, there were many others who said they thought Lindsay shouldn’t be the host. The Bachelor because she was above that. One commenter said that “… I LOVE if Rachel were to replace him, but let’s face it, she deserves so much better than this franchise, a franchise that has put so much emotional work on her. ” Another fan pointed out that “The show doesn’t deserve it. It will open it up to MORE racist attacks and for what?” As the first black bachelorette party, Lindsay has certainly dealt with a lot of backlash and hatred over the years. Look at this post that Lindsay shared after his risky interview with Harrison:

Though fans may want it, if Chris Harrison really gets kicked out, it’s unknown if Rachel Lindsay would be considered for the job or even interested. Still, it is clear that Single Fans are asking for more diversity and equality and a change in conversations across the franchise as a whole.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: Charlatans, Reddit, Rachel Lindsay

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