Director Christopher Nolan created one of the greatest superhero series of all time with The Dark Knight trilogy, and this is how his entries stack up.

Director Christopher Nolan created one of the greatest superhero series of all time with The dark knight trilogy, and that’s how your entries stack up. Given the diversity of Marvel and DC fandoms, there will never be a consensus choice for the best superhero character ever. However, when that conversation takes place, there are certain heroes that always rank near the top of the list, and there is no question that Gotham City’s resident defender Batman is one of them.

Batman is one of the oldest superheroes to be born in the pages of DC Comics, and he was also one of the first superheroes to widely adapt to the screen. He starred in theatrical series in the 1940s, a beloved Adam West-directed television show in the 1960s, and a Tim Burton-directed blockbuster in 1989 that helped establish superhero films as a potentially formidable box office force. in Hollywood. Next, Batman will be played by Robert Pattinson in 2022. The batman.

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However, it doesn’t matter how well Pattinson does with the role of Batman, or how well The batman I mean, many fans will continue to believe that Nolan’s movie trilogy represents the best deal the Caped Crusader will receive on the big screen. Whether that’s true or not The dark knight trilogy stands as a great success story, even if they aren’t perfect movies, and that’s how they’re classified.

3. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The dark knight rises

The dark knight risesChristopher Nolan’s conclusion to his epic Batman trilogy is one of those movies that has strangely seen its reputation take a hit in the years since its release, despite garnering rave reviews and a huge box office at the time. in which it hit theaters. Without a doubt, the quality is several steps below The dark knightand it still doesn’t match The beginning of batman, but The dark knight rises it’s still a really good movie overall. It makes a few narrative mistakes, like trying to include too many important characters in what would have been better suited to be a pure Batman vs. Bane story, but the cast is uniformly solid and the story remains mostly compelling. As dignified as Bane’s voice is, Tom Hardy does well in the role too, even if getting him to stay in the backseat of Talia al Ghul as the main villain in the end wasn’t much of a move.

The dark knight rises It also features some pretty exciting action pieces, even if not as surprising as the famous chase sequence between Batman and The Joker in The dark knight, in which a truck overturns. The ending of the movie is just kind of satisfying too, as while it’s nice to see Bruce Wayne fake Batman’s death and get his happy ending with Selina Kyle, it’s totally unreal that people don’t recognize him when he’s hanging out in public. with zero. try to disguise your identity. Bruce was a very famous man after all. The dark knight risesAlthough it is not even as flawed as some would like to believe, it is definitely a story of unrealized potential. It’s a worthwhile superhero movie that had the misfortune to follow two of the best.

2. Batman Begins (2005)

Christopher Nolan Batman

With The beginning of batman, Nolan ceased to be simply a critical favorite with films like I remember Y Insomnia, into a blockbuster powerhouse. Nolan’s more grounded and realistic version of Batman was a far cry from the Joel Schumacher movies, or even Tim Burton’s, and it set the stage for The dark knight further blurring the lines between superhero movie and crime drama. He also possibly designed the definitive screen interpretation of Batman’s origin story and the events that bring Bruce Wayne up against his crime-fighting alter ego. Tellingly, Batman’s origin has only been briefly reviewed in later DC movies.

Nolan’s ever-present knack for casting the right actors in the right roles is on full display at The beginning of batman, with Christian Bale still standing as the best Batman to many fans, even with his grumpy Batman voice that some unwittingly find foolish. Michael Caine is an excellent Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman is an excellent Jim Gordon, and even though he’s been recast with Maggie Gyllenhaal for the sequel, Katie Holmes is fine as Rachel Dawes. Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy also shine as the villains Ra’s al Ghul and Scarecrow, respectively. That doesn’t mean that The beginning of batman it is impeccable. At two hours and 20 minutes, its duration is sometimes felt, and the period before Bruce actually becomes Batman is probably too long. Batman letting Ra die also feels out of place, as does his strange rationalization of why it’s okay to do so. However, even with its troubles, The beginning of batman it is a great effort.

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight

There was no other option to top this ranking, since The dark knight it is deservedly considered one of the best superhero movies ever made, if not the best. Its 2008 release drew critical acclaim and one of the biggest box office shots in history at the time, and in hindsight it was probably too much for any three-school to have lived up to. Everything about The dark knight just clicks, from the cast, to the action scenes, to the dark and gritty tone, to the sometimes quirky but always memorable score. The dark knight It is a masterpiece, and the fact that there was no real backlash against it after launch in the age of social media fury is testament to that assessment.

Of course, arguing The dark knightKindness is never complete without mentioning Heath Ledger’s sad final performance as The Joker. While young Ledger’s death will always be tragic, the attention surrounding his death does not in any way invalidate the merit of his Oscar victory. Ledger’s Joker is truly unlike any other version, alternately psychotic and cunning, scruffy but always mentally in control, and yet, despite everything, he is strangely likable, especially since he is an enemy of the obnoxious organized crime lords of Gotham City and some of the politicians. His goals are also far from the saints. His wits don’t hurt either, even if he clearly needs Batman to stop him, especially after facilitating Rachel’s sad death. Also worth mentioning is the arc between Batman and Two-Face, which while arguably a bit rushed, is dramatically satisfying.

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