The Justice League sent their future enemies to a place worse than the Phantom Zone

It turns out that the original Justice League is not as perfect as most believe because they condemned the white Martians to a planet taken from hell.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Future State: Justice League # 2 by Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Tom Napolitano, out now.

The Hyperclan’s return to the DC Universe caught the Future State Justice League completely off guard. After being ambushed by the Hyperclan, the League was banished to an alternate version of Earth that was essentially always on fire. While searching for a way out, the team revealed that the previous Justice League had imprisoned them there as they were too dangerous to contain anywhere else. But Superman made a comment about it being worse than the Phantom Zone, which is actually quite accurate and makes the past Justice League seem especially cruel.

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The world itself was an alternate version of Earth. There was no explanation why this was so, but clearly, something had gone very wrong in this world. Everything that was not on fire had been burned to ashes and no life form was sustainable. Green Lantern used his ring to indicate that even the air was toxic and nothing could survive here for long. But considering that the Hyperclan had been trapped on that planet for years (assuming time ran the same on this world as it did on Earth-0), then it could only have been Martian physiology that prevented them from dying.

But Aquawoman summed up why this place was the perfect prison for white Martians: it was a planet of fire, the Martian species’ greatest weakness. Apparently the last time Hyperclan attacked the Justice League was the most brutal attack of all. The then current League decided that the Hyperclan had to be contained somewhere that would limit their abilities and ensure that they would never return. They decided on this burning world, but Aquawoman acknowledged that Aquaman had thought this “punishment” too cruel.

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It seems like a massive error of judgment on the part of the Justice League. How could they think that convicting people, even criminals like the Hyperclan, was a good idea? Andy describes the Justice League’s decision as a punishment rather than a sentence. Paint the previous League as holier than you, with an arrogance that allowed them to condemn people to a place worse than the punishment of Krypton without a fair trial.

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