Gina Carano’s departure from The Mandalorian raises the issue of recasting, but the best solution is to bring back Bill Burr’s Mayfeld.

Gina Carano’s departure from The mandalorian It raises an interesting question about how Disney can replace Cara Dune, but they already have the perfect answer: Bill Burr’s Mayfeld. The former Imperial shooter left Season 2 before the weather attack on Moff Gideon’s destroyer to rescue Baby Yoda, but that ending just wasn’t satisfying. Much more intriguing is the idea of ​​him continuing his journey towards redemption alongside Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin.

Carano’s association with Star Wars ended in the wake of controversial tweets despite initial plans to make Dune his own series. While Star Wars will survive the other way around and The mandalorian can do without Dune as a character, it would still be preferable to retain some kind of continuity. Dune may have been a Hulk-like character suitable for heavy artillery battle, but his story had substance after he found his place as Marshal of the New Republic. That arc is exactly what could replace Mayfeld’s return.

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Whether or not Star Wars chooses to rephrase Cara Dune has not been confirmed yet, but it seems unlikely, even with calls from fans to bring in Xena legend Lucy Lawless. Dune is far from a crucial character, but The mandalorian He was often in his prime in Season 2 when Din Djarin was forced to abandon his usual isolation to adjust to the new group dynamics. Eliminating an established relationship is regrettable and bringing Burr back into the fold, as Mayfeld adapts to various goals. His arc is interesting, Burr’s chemistry with Pascal is excellent, and his overall performance was very impressive.

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Mandalorian Bill Burr Mayfeld

Mayfeld is one of the most complex figures in modern Star Wars, even if he was initially portrayed as something of an archetypal traitor. He and John Boyega’s Finn share the same narrative backbone, having walked away from their military affiliation with the Empire out of moral disgust. Where the sequels failed to give Finn a satisfying story to really explore that arc, The mandalorianThe future can be explored with Mayfeld. And giving some of the narrative weight given to the development of Cara Dune, which seemed to lean heavily towards the idea of ​​a redemption arc without fully realizing it, could pay dividends.

Mayfeld’s backstory isn’t the only thing that fits The mandalorian: Bill Burr offered something different to Mando’s character squad dynamic. The concise comic relief pitted Mayfeld against Djarin, but Burr and Pascal’s chemistry was some of the best in the entire show. On top of that, Burr’s performance was surprisingly complex, particularly when he faced his former commander in season 2 and explored the true cost of the war. Burr proved to be the perfect pacifist spokesperson to punish not just the Empire but the rebels for what they did to the indigenous races in a revealing exchange that challenged the very binary pillars on which Star Wars has always been built. His performance deserves more, but The mandalorian He also deserves more from Mayfeld than Burr.

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