The permanent replacement for Twitch PogChamp Emote is a lizard (seriously)

Twitch has announced that the controversial PogChamp emote is being replaced by an iconic lizard emote, formerly known as KomodoHype.

The new Twitch PogChamp’s gesture is … a lizard. Yes, that’s right, the iconic Twitch gesture replacement isn’t a human, it’s a reptile. The new emote comes after the removal of the original PogChamp last month.

The former face of the emote, Ryan “Gootecks” Gutiérrez, is a professional Street Fighter gamer and also a co-founder of Cross Counter TV. Unfortunately, it has a reputation that has been built with controversy. He is known to have spread conspiracies on topics like COVID-19, among many other things, but in January, there was a drop that broke the camel’s back. Gootecks ​​tweeted on January 6, 2021 about the riots in the US Capitol.After a woman was shot and killed while storming the building, Gootecks ​​suggested that she would die in vain if other rioters did not. they struggled to continue their thrust. This, of course, led to Twitch removing him as PogChamp’s face, a gesture he already hated to be associated with.

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Twitch has officially made a decision (via Kotaku) about who will be the new face of the gesture. It is a lizard known as “KomodoHype”. The choice comes after a month-long search for the new PogChamp, where a new face would take over the excitement every day. KomodoHype was one of the first favorites in this process and ultimately ended up winning the fan vote to take the metaphorical throne on Twitch chats. The emote has been around on Twitch for a while and there were even moves to try and get KomodoHype as a replacement for PogChamp before the Gootecks ​​controversy last month.

It’s hard to say if Twitch’s new reptilian friend will get enough followers to really compete with PogChamp. The original emote was so iconic that it spread outside of Twitch. Many would yell or say “Poggers” in response to something cool or interesting, such as a verbal way of using PogChamp. Sure, it was worthy of shame, but it had an undeniable effect on the world for a moment. Now, with Twitch going in a different direction that includes a focus on greater diversity, they are making a lizard the face of their platform.

At the very least, unless this lizard has a crazy secret that the public doesn’t know about, there’s likely no controversy surrounding him that will result in another replacement. Better yet, it also means that people can’t go out of their way to harass the new PogChamp because he’s a lizard. Maybe lizards have feelings, but it’s a bit more difficult to reach them since they don’t use social media. KomdoHype can now be activated in any chat by typing “PogChamp”.

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Source: Twitch (via Kotaku)

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