The Power Rangers have just been completely DEMOLISHED by Lord Zedd’s new forces

The Power Rangers have taken a few bad hits before, but never anything as devastating as what Lord Zedd just did to them.

WARNING: The following contains the main Mighty Morphin # 4 spoilers from Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Walter Baiamonte, Katia Ranalli and Ed Dukeshire, now on sale.

It’s not often that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers take a break, and with the recent string of surprises the team has been through, they’ve never needed one more. His attempt for a brief respite was undone with the revelation that his escape to the music festival was just another one of Lord Zedd’s traps. Surrounded by the newest version of their Putty minions, the Rangers find themselves severely outmatched. As has been the trend, the new Green Ranger shows up to help, but even he is no match for this latest threat. In fact, Lord Zedd is about to show the Power Rangers how powerful he has become by crushing not only their spirits but also their greatest assets.

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Lord Zedd’s new Green Chaos Energy-infused Putties are daunting enough as a horde, but when they come together to form an imposing Putty Prime, things go from bad to worse. The only silver lining is that the Rangers at least have a chance to outnumber the enemy once they call out their own Zords. It doesn’t take long for the team to realize that they are still fighting an uphill battle against the giant Putty Prime. The Megazord takes a nasty blow that leaves it unable to stop the swarm of smaller Chaos Putties now crawling across its surface. Now alone in the fight against the huge monster, Tommy is unable to defend himself. Fortunately, the Green Ranger is there with the Dragonzord at his command to offer help in the form of a barrage of missiles. This is the only chance they could get against Zedd’s latest creation, so the two maneuver to combine their Zords into something capable of ending the fight once and for all. As the Zords sizzle with energy and move towards each other, Zedd fires a single accurate shot from his staff, the impact of which deals more damage to both Zords than either of them can take.

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From the sidelines, the Green Ranger and Zedd watch as the White Tigerzord and Dragonzord crash into the ground. Zords are used to taking heavy hits, but this is something else entirely. Even the rest of the Mighty Morphin team wonder if Tommy survived the attack. Lord Zedd has long been one of the most fearsome foes the Power Rangers have ever had, but never before has he been seen mastering such incredible force on his own. Fortunately, Tommy survived the blast, but with Putty Prime on his downed Zord, he’s still in considerable danger. Before any of them can lose their lives, the Rangers are all teleported back to the Command Center to regroup. Normally this would be their chance to come up with a winning plan and then come back to save the day, but Lord Zedd has no intention of giving them that chance.

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As Zedd and his lieutenants look at Angel Grove, they congratulate him on his Power Rangers victory, to which he replies that there were none yet. Lord Zedd still harbors a deep-seated hatred for the Power Rangers after the Omegas stormed his palace on the moon and imprisoned him once again, and he knows how to pay them for it. With a blast of energy in the air, Zedd summons an energy shield that engulfs the entire city, with the perimeter fortified by his Chaos Putty soldiers. Not only has Zedd taken away the Rangers’ home, he has also stolen their greatest weapons by isolating them from the remains of their Zords. It is easily the most crushing defeat the Rangers have suffered at the hands of Lord Zedd, although it remains to be seen if this is the full extent of his new powers. If he weren’t innately defenseless against Zedd’s new army, the Green Ranger trapped within Angel Grove might just be the ace up our heroes’ sleeve. However, things being the way they are, it could become another way for Zedd to further devastate the Power Rangers.

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