Stand 2020 has left viewers and fans divided; This is how the miniseries ruined the redemption of supporting character Harold Lauder.

The 2020 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel The support has left viewers and critics divided, but this is how the post-apocalyptic miniseries ruined supporting character Harold Lauder’s redemption arc. The support by director Josh Boone began airing on CBS All Access in December 2020 and is the second small-screen incarnation of Stephen King’s bestseller of the same name. The book details the epic battle between good and evil that takes place in post-apocalyptic America after a pandemic wipes out most of the world’s population.

The support it was previously adapted in 1994 as an expensive and critically well-received miniseries starring Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe. The show was one of many Stephen King miniseries that graced television screens throughout the decade, including the likes of Storm of the century – one of King’s personal favorites – and 1990 THAT. The 2020 version of The support has received a more mixed reception, both for the poor timing of its launch amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and thanks to some sloppy storytelling choices.

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The support He has also made numerous significant changes to the source material, with some lamenting how little is seen of the novel’s main antagonist, Randall Flagg, while others have applauded the new story additions. However, one character whose arc has been undeniably ruined by the new miniseries is Harold Lauder, a minor villain who redeems himself in the original novel but lost a chance to save his soul in the 2020s. The support. Harold’s subplot may not be the most shocking of all. The supportThere are many stories, but the character was nevertheless dirty when the show robbed him of his willingness to accept responsibility for his deeds.

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Originally played by Corin Nemec in the 1994 miniseries, Owen Teague inherited the role for the 2020 version.. He’s also a classic Stephen King villain, with Harold setting off a bomb that wipes out half the cast midway through the action. The support. Not that he gets a lot of thanks, as Flagg’s duplicity and femme fatale Nadine engineer an accident in which Harold slips off his motorcycle and eventually dies on the edge of a ravine. As he slowly succumbs to his fate, Harold realizes the error of his ways and takes responsibility for his part in Flagg’s trail of death and destruction.

At least that’s how his story used to carry out. In the original novel, when Harold is dying, he writes a confessional suicide note, and his first draft claims that he was duped by Stephen King’s classic villain Flagg. However, like any good writer, Harold makes a second draft, erasing this version of events and accepting that he alone was responsible for his actions despite his seduction towards evil before shooting himself. However, the 2020 miniseries has this supporting antagonist blaming Flagg for misleading him and deciding that’s close enough to the truth. Without Harold reviewing his version of events, The support It undermined one of the most important aspects of his character, which is that he is doing things of his own free will and is motivated by a very human revenge rather than fanaticism or attachment to a higher ideology.

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