The Walking Dead: the main characters, ranked by how tragic their past is

Inside the dog-eat-dog world of The Walking Dead, tragedy is just a fact of life. Whether it’s before the Apocalypse or all this time, every character who has managed to survive for a significant amount of time has experienced something horrible. But, it seems fair to say that some characters have had more problems than others.

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All the characters, be they the villain, the hero, or anything in between, have lost a lot due to the brutal world they live in or the monstrous people they have encountered. But how The Walking DeadAre the characters and their tragic stories compared?

10 Eugene porter

The Walking Dead Season 8 Time for After Review Eugene

Eugene is not the type of person that anyone would expect to survive the apocalypse, period, much less survive as relatively unscathed as he is.

It hasn’t necessarily been an easy road for him, but he hasn’t lost as many people he loves as most of the other survivors. He’s also had a lot of people looking out for him and he always seems to end up on the right side of any conflict, which is why he’s experienced far less tragedy than most.

9 Negan

Negan lost his wife Lucille, and eventually lost his place as the leader of the Saviors, yet in the grand scheme of things, he was never the one who experienced the tragedy. Usually it is he who inflicts tragedies on those around him.

Although his backstory before the end of the world hasn’t been explored much, it seems that with the very significant exception of Lucille’s death, Negan’s life improved after the zombie apocalypse.

8 Father Gabriel Stokes

Father Gabriel transformed from a cowardly and seemingly careless man into a strong survivor with a tight-knit group of friends and family who could trust him.

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But still, realistically speaking, it was easier for him than most of the other survivors in Rick’s group. Honestly, the biggest tragedy he’s probably experienced is the death of his congregation … and he’s the one who killed them all.

7 Rosita Espinosa


Rosita is one of the toughest fighters in the history of The Walking Dead. And like most of the characters, he has suffered serious losses in his life.

She has come far and has not experienced as much pain as some, but she was forced to sit there and watch Negan beat Abraham to death, and her son’s father was senselessly murdered by a Whisperer who had infiltrated Alexandria.

6 Maggie greene

Lauren Cohan as Maggie on The Walking Dead

What really makes Maggie’s story even more tragic is that it seems like before the world ended, she had a pretty idyllic life. And even when it all went wrong, he still had most of his family and managed to survive on a safe and sustainable farm for quite some time.

But when things went wrong for him, they really did go wrong. She lost her remaining family and had to watch her husband die while she was pregnant with their child.

5 Michonne

Before meeting Rick Grimes, Michonne had already had a rough patch. She lost her boyfriend and son, and the trauma of that experience nearly destroyed her.

He managed to find another family with Rick, Carl, and the rest of the group, but after losing one son, he basically ended up losing another. On top of that, he had to kill children to defend his own, all because he trusted someone he shouldn’t have.

4 Rick grimes

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead

In the world of The Walking DeadFew characters have experienced more difficulties than Rick. While he was a pretty average guy before zombie land, Rick was shot while working as a police officer, and that meant he was lonely and in bad shape when he woke up after the world had ended.

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Rick has loved many people over the course of his character arc, but he has lost most as well, including his wife and son.

3 Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead

Unfortunately for Carl, he had to go through almost everything else his father Rick did, but he had to go through everything while still a kid.

He left his own mother to prevent her from turning, and experienced so much trauma that he was almost unable to return. Not to mention, he actually died before even reaching adulthood.

two Daryl Dixon

Unlike most of the other survivors, Daryl Dixon’s life was something of a tragedy even before the zombies took over the planet. He was wasting his life chasing after his brother Merle, who was even more dead than Daryl.

And while Daryl has recovered through the apocalypse, he lost his brother and has lost more people than he can count in the new world.

1 Carol peletier

Carol in The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16

It’s safe to say that luck has never been on Carol’s side. Before the apocalypse, she was a horribly battered and battered woman.

When Ed died, he was finally free, but not long after, his daughter Sophia also died. When he began to love Lizzie and Mika as his own children, they both died, one of them by his own hand. And when he tried to open up to Henry again, he was beheaded. Carol’s life has basically been one of non-stop loss and tragedy.

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