The X-Files: Resist or Serve is one of the BEST horror games on PlayStation 2

Mulder and Scully’s adventure on PlayStation 2 is easily their best video game outing. Here’s why The X-Files: Resist or Serve is so iconic.

Despite how the last few seasons dropped the ball, The x files always remains one of the televisions most loved science fiction programs. The show, which originally ran from 1993 to 2002, was a cultural phenomenon that changed television for the better, so much so that its influence can still be felt in modern shows like Supernatural, Strange things and most recently, Marvel’s deliciously weird and strangely divisive WandaVision.

Right after The x files As its ninth season ended, fan demand for the show was still very high. They have more content in X-Files: resist or serve, which reportedly adapts three “lost episodes” written for the show’s seventh season, with the intention of factor in overall program history. The x files I had two previous video games on PlayStation 1 and PC, but this 2004 survival horror is easily the best video game for Mulder and Scully.

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X-Files: resist or serve follows Mulder and Scully as they are sent to investigate the curious case of 15-year-old twin sisters, Kaitlyn and Mandy Winslow. The girls disappeared and suddenly reappeared two weeks later, coinciding with three unsolved murders.

Many people in their hometown of Red Falls suspect that the girls practice witchcraft, and Mulder and Scully are brought in to discover the truth. Naturally, there is much more below the surface. Their arrival in Red Falls is perfectly marked by the sudden appearance of zombies roaming the streets, forcing Mulder and Scully into a deadly battle for survival as they uncover a conspiracy that has been bubbling up for nearly 100 years.

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In terms of gameplay, Resist or serve is an exploration survival horror game with tense combat encounters and brain-tickling brain teasers to solve. In short, it is a classic era. Demonic resident title, even down to the tank controls, dynamic fixed camera angles, and two different but intertwined campaigns, depending on the agent players choose.

Mulder’s campaign has a greater emphasis on combat encounters and Scully’s campaign requires players to perform gruesome science experiments and timed autopsies. The game also requires heavy use of the agent’s flashlights, which dynamically illuminate an area and can be targeted along with their weapons to stun enemies. This simple addition to the game’s mechanics makes raids incredibly tense into dark areas filled with monsters that will have even the most hardened horror fan on the edge of their seat.

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Outside of its rigid adherence to survival-horror gameplay, the biggest reason to recommend X-Files: resist or serve it’s actually pretty scary. The journey through Red Falls in the first chapter of the game really does bring the scares, with hyper-aggressive enemies seemingly exploding out of nowhere at any moment and giving players very little time to think or react.

They may be playing as a trained FBI agent, but the game does a pretty good job of making them feel overwhelmed and outnumbered from their initial moments. That feeling never stops as they continue to unravel their mystery and explore new places.

Critics at the time weren’t especially kind to Resist or serve, simply denouncing it as a shameless scam of Demonic resident it was devoid of any innovation. This is true up to a point. However, this game not only perfectly combines that style of play in the world of The x files, but it offers fans of the show another intriguing and well-written plot to explore.

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Not only does the story really tie into that of the show, but both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson voiced their characters, giving it a real air of authenticity among many other licensed video games. His typical banter, interaction, and chemistry still manage to shine through despite some of the game’s technical shortcomings, and it’s really a credit to his abilities that he can imbue such primitive character models with his unmatched charisma.

Copies of X-Files: resist or serve are in short supply these days, and the game was only released on PlayStation 2, so being able to play Resist or serve it may be difficult for some. However, for those who have an everlasting love for both The x files and survival-horror in general, Resist or serve It is the gift that keeps giving.

Even for those who are not fans of the show, Resist or serve it’s a solid and challenging experience that delivers some of the scariest moments and settings of the time. It is worth playing in the modern age.

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