The X-Men just proved they need the hero who won’t join them

Pete Wisdom has been one of the few mutants who has not made his home on Krakoa, and as he helps Excalibur, it is clear that he is the loss of the X-Men.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Excalibur # 17!

Pete Wisdom he is one of the few mutants that apparently does not reside on the island of Krakoa. He has no interest in joining the mutant nation, but in Excalibur # 17, it is clear the X Men You could benefit greatly from your presence. The issue, written by Tini Howard with art by Marcu To and colors by Erick Arciniega, is now available in stores and online.

Wisdom first appeared in Excalibur vol. 1 # 86 and was created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Ken Lashley. A top secret agent of MI6 and later another clandestine spy agency called Black Air, Wisdom can absorb heat and solar radiation and then funnel it into “hot knives” or concentrated thermal energy. These knives are potentially as hot as the sun, and he is also a skilled melee fighter, as well as a renowned secret agent. Despite being a mutant and associating with various mutant teams over the years, Wisdom tends to keep to himself, avoiding the affairs of the mutant world in favor of his work with British intelligence, and even Excalibur # 17Wisdom had never been to Krakoa, the island home to a large portion of Earth’s mutants.

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On behalf of the powerful Akkaba Clan, Ruben Brousseau demands that Wisdom seek out former Captain Britain Brian Braddock, suggesting that Wisdom control Krakoa. Wisdom has no interest in going, calling it “Margaritaville” and noting that he needs to have a proper drink before he can even consider making the trip. This nonchalant attitude carries over once you get there, ignoring Rogue, Rictor, and the rest of Excalibur and heading to a teleportation door to the lighthouse where Captain Britain was last seen. He reveals that Brousseau and his coven of wizards want to take down a mutant Captain Britain, and that the coven will be at the lighthouse. Sure enough, the Coven is there and Wisdom and the rest of the mutants engage them in battle, just as Captain Britain from Earth-616 returns.

Betsy Braddock, the mutant Captain Britain, had been lost in an alternate reality where she was queen and, hilariously, one in which Pete Wisdom of that reality had constructed some simple protocols for returning home. In both realities, Wisdom thinks ahead, remaining inscrutable but resolving situations before they become untenable. This is a quality that Krakoa has sadly lacked so far. Other crises, including the infiltration of Krakoan Gates, the investigation of mutant deaths, and the work of ambassadors bringing mutants to the island, were only addressed once they had already exploded into trouble.

As much as the X-Men should already hope to get lost in time or between dimensions, only Wisdom really prepares in advance. Unfortunately, even though Krakoa needs someone to think about the future, Wisdom is a loyal British subject and would never think of betraying the country for Krakoa. More and more mutants are heading to start a new life on Krakoa, but Pete Wisdom seems to be a big hurdle. Part of the character’s appeal is that he marches with his own drum and not with the mutants’. His decision not to move to Krakoa makes perfect sense, even if the X Men They urgently need to embrace some of the pessimism of their allies, as their nation continues to face threats from all sides.

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