Thor’s powers make him one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, but only one of his abilities transcends what you would expect from a superhero.

Thor He is one of the most powerful warriors in Marvel, with powers that can unleash enormous amounts of destruction. It is incredibly strong, invulnerable to most attacks, and can summon powerful blasts of lightning. Whether fighting alone or with his fellow Avengers, the God of Thunder has proven time and time again that he can take on even the strongest villain. With such impressive powers, it’s easy to forget that Thor has other abilities that are more useful. off the battlefield.

When Thor is trying to communicate with aliens and beings from other worlds, one power that is useful is the Allspeak. The Allspeak (or All-Tongue) allows Thor to communicate in any language. In other words, everything he hears is automatically translated for him to understand and everything he says can be understood by a group as if Thor were speaking their own language. It is a gift that all Asgardians share, and it is certainly useful in many diplomatic situations.

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Given the number of off-world adventures Thor embarks on, it makes sense that he has an ability like Allspeak’s. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense for beings across the galaxy to speak English as their primary language. Still, Marvel has other ways to get around language barriers. Devices such as universal translators and translator implants help many of Marvel’s cosmic characters interact with other alien races. The X-Men even have a mutant named Cypher, who can unconsciously translate different languages. Clearly, the importance of communication is not lost on the Marvel writers.

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Young Loki and Thor Allspeak

In the midst of all the action that happens in the comics, it’s easy for Allspeak to go unnoticed. After all, fans don’t tend to see him in action as much as Thor’s other powers. Still, it serves as a good reminder that Thor is more than just a fierce warrior. As the king of Asgard, Thor has to think about what is best for his people, which often means working to achieve peaceful resolutions with other civilizations. Using Allspeak tends to make a better first impression than heading into battle with a blow from Mjolnir.

The Allspeak will likely remain one of Thor’s lesser known powers, but it is still important. Even the MCU has hinted at Thor’s language abilities, showing that he understands Groot in Avengers: Infinity War. However, Chris Hemworth’s version of the character explains that she was an elective in Asgard, so Allspeak has yet to make her film debut. All in all, despite not being a popular power, the Allspeak is certainly suitable for a hero traveling the galaxy like Thor, and it would probably be more useful in real life than even the most powerful hammer blow.

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