Cooking videos are already a popular topic on TikTok, making the introduction of a new recipe button in the video sharing app even more helpful.

Tik Tok is adding a recipe button to cooking videos that content creators post on the platform. Many TikTok recipes have already gone viral, including TikTok Pasta, which consists of combining feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and garlic with pasta. The original video that TikTok Pasta shows has already accumulated more than eleven million views, one million likes and thousands of comments.

Food aside, TikTok is home to many viral videos, including Pudgy, a dog whose unique bark spawned a catchphrase. Other popular trends in the past year have included videos focusing on Lola, a popular character from the show. Big Mouthalong with a host of horror movie inspired content. Of course, cooking videos aren’t just popular on TikTok, with other services, including YouTube, getting their own fair share of food-related viral content.

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The recipe button was detected by Matt Navarra and is the result of a partnership between TikTok and Whisk, an application that allows users to select recipes and plan meals. TechCrunch He also reported on the new feature, which is apparently currently in alpha testing status. According to the report, TikTok and Whisk have identified content creators who specialize in cooking videos to headline the new feature. Because of this, TikTok users shouldn’t necessarily expect to see a recipe button on every food-related video post they find on the app.

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How the recipe button works

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With the feature still in such an early testing phase, and only used with select creators, the recipe button will only be shown to users at selected times. When visible, the user will be presented with a “See full recipe”About the username of the creator of the content and the description of the video. Tapping the button will redirect you to a Whisk interface (within the TikTok app), where you can view additional information such as what ingredients are needed in the grocery store and the recipe. For creators with access to the feature, there will be an option to add the recipe button after they have made the video, via a new “add a link“option.

The recipe button is likely to be well received, as cooking videos are already so popular on TikTok. In fact, this new feature can even increase the amount of culinary content in the app. If it helps viewers to search for more cooking videos, more creators are likely to make similar videos. All of which will mean more traffic for both TikTok and Whisk, something both apps are likely to adopt.

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Source: Matt Navarra / Twitter, TechCrunch

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