TMNT: Jennika’s Bloody Past Sets Deadly Encounter With Ninja Turtles Newest Villain

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II has found her bloody past as an assassin by staging a deadly encounter with Mutant Town’s newest villain.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II # 4 from Brahm Revel, on sale now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II has actually found her doing the moves in Mutant Town. She has seen a great change seeing the elections as the solution to improve the quarantined zone, while discovering another underground group of mutants that could integrate into her society.

However, what has really been digging into his mind is his bloody past and how he killed for the Shredder. In issue 4, this has trapped her and led to Jenny being manipulated by the newest villain of the Turtles.

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Jenny is struggling with the deaths of yesteryear, having nightmares, and bonding with what Lita from the future mentioned: Jenny is ready to go down a dark path as an assassin again. However, she is desperate to avoid this and goes on a night patrol to do something good and distract herself. However, he meets Lucia, an antelope who is angry that he cannot reach his son.

Jenny takes her to the soup kitchen and discovers that she is actually the wife of Antoni, a mob boss that Shredder had Jenny kill a while ago. He does not confess the truth to Lucía, who admits that her son, Junior, is being held by other Antoni associates after they took over the family business and threw her out. She just wants to get to Junior to see if he’s okay, but Jenny knows that she may be invisible, not Lucia. Jenny, feeling guilty, volunteers and visits the boy, sneaking into the mansion.

She assures him that her mother is fine, but she is still in a difficult situation when she remembers seeing her kill the father. In that sense, Jenny has Junior living as an orphan right now, but luckily, he doesn’t know that she was the one who committed the crime. She eventually gets a doll from him to take to Lucia, and after beating up some thugs and escaping, Jenny admits that Junior wants her to visit her again. She gives Lucia the doll and the wife looks grateful, but when Jenny leaves, some thugs emerge from the shadows.

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They are mutants in suits, clearly playing Jenny from a sinister angle. They leave the doll out on the street and go for a little more planning, leaving fans wondering if she really is Lucia Junior’s mom. There’s no proof that she is and Jenny didn’t do the recon work so she could be a rival looking to defeat mob rivals or maybe take over herself.

Jenny can even be used to lead Junior to Lucia, or whoever she really is, as leverage. The point is, Jenny’s past is like a killer catching up with her and there could be collateral damage for Mutant Town if she inadvertently empowers an animal mob to rise up.

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