WandaVision: Evan Peters’ Pietro receives an emoji from Twitter

Pietro Maximoff’s version of WandaVision gets his own Quicksilver Twitter emoji after his shocking debut on the hit Marvel Disney + series.

WandaVisionPietro Maximoff’s version gets his own Quicksilver Twitter emoji after his shocking debut on the hit series. The Disney + program narrates the post-Avengers Endgame lives of Wanda Maximoff and her seemingly dead lover Vision, who are now living a strange situation comedy reality apparently created by Wanda.

In By WandaVision Fifth episode, “In a very special episode of …”, Wanda and Vision are preparing for a shouting match over Vision’s slow realization that something in their lives is wrong when a doorbell interrupts them. The man at the door turns out to be Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, Wanda’s brother who was killed by a homicidal robot in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But instead of the version played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in that movie, the version of Pietro featured on WandaVision is the non-Marvel Cinematic Universe version. X Men films produced by Fox.

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100% soft has released official Twitter emojis for the series, with one included for Pietro, a pretty telling sign of how strong the reaction has been to joining the cast of the show. Take a look at the show’s new emojis below.

Evan Peters’ version of Pietro joining the cast – in what Darcy Lewis calls a “recast” – vastly opens up the possibilities of where WandaVision might be leading. It’s quite possible that this is just a unique nod to Marvel fans who understand the difference between Fox and Disney movies. It could also be the beginning of the MCU’s exploration of the multiverse, the idea that multiple different realities exist together, that movies like Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness and the third Tom Holland starring Spiderman The film is reportedly ready to be screened.

It should be a little surprise that WandaVision it has become a cultural phenomenon. After a pandemic-filled year with hardly any other MCU productions, the show isn’t just a mind-blowing story well told, it’s a glimpse into what remains the most successful entertainment franchise currently running. That WandaVision has managed to capture the zeitgeist while being decidedly weirder than the rest of the MCU is a credit to the show’s creators, and the overview of producer Kevin Feige, whose management of Marvel’s production at Disney + is off to a start. pretty good. With Loki Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier On deck, things are looking bright for the MCU’s immediate future on the small screen.

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