WandaVision: Why does Pietro have a “MOM” tattoo

Pietro from WandaVision has a MOM tattoo on his left bicep. It’s actually Evan Peters’ actual tattoo, but it stayed on the show for a reason.

In the latest episode of WandaVision, the recast Pietro sports a “MOM” tattoo on his left bicep. This was not added to the series; it’s actually actor Evan Peters’ actual tattoo. However, it is significant that WandaVisionThe showrunners decided not only to stick with the tattoo instead of covering it with makeup, but they also put Peters in a costume with sleeves short enough to show off.

Episode 6 “New Spooktacular Halloween!” inject some terror into the mix. The arrival of Peters Quicksilver, which only superficially resembles Avengers: Age of UltronAaron Taylor-Johnson, introduces a bit of chaos and a lot of confusion to the family. Billy refers to his uncle as “man-son“and Pietro offers sophomore levels of fun that Wanda doesn’t necessarily approve of.

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The beginning of the episode shows a very obvious “MOM” tattoo on Pietro’s upper left arm, peeking out from under his shirt sleeve. It is unknown if Pietro de Ultron age He had a tattoo like this, but it’s clear it was left on Peters’s arm for a reason; His costume not only shows it, it is also facing the camera during Pietro’s conversation with Wanda. The ink could easily recall his mother, who died in the Sokovia bombings when Pietro and Wanda were children. Pietro mentions to Wanda that her parents probably would have loved Westview if they were still around. It’s worth noting that a tattoo commemorating Wanda’s father was not added on the other arm, perhaps because “MOM” is one of the most popular and classic tributes. It could also be another way to convey the “tough guy” personality of this new Pietro, as he’s decidedly bolder and less mature than Wanda remembers him.

Throughout the episode, Wanda interrogates Quicksilver on her timeline of past events, and he calls her out about her trauma suppression and makes it clear that he is not under her control like the rest of the townspeople. Pietro suggests that in her perfect world she would not want to think about her past, which is why she is unfamiliar. Despite her surprise at her performance on the show, Wanda may be responsible for creating this version of him, tattoos and all. Resurrecting old Pietro might have been too devastating for him. On the other hand, if some other malevolent force is behind Wanda’s new world, then this Pietro could have been sent as a means to placate her.

Evan Peters’ tattoo provides another layer of mystery and subtlety to Pietro’s recast in WandaVision, and is indicative of the type of character you are playing. Though she gains Wanda’s trust for a few moments, long enough for her to divulge the overwhelming emptiness of pain that led her to create this safe haven, is short-lived when she mentions the likelihood of Vision dying again. How exactly does she know this opens up a lot of possibilities about where she’s really coming from and what else she can use against Wanda.

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