WandaVision: why it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce the X-Men (and why they should wait)

Since Disney announced the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been excited about the possibility of the X-Men appearing in movies under the control of Kevin Feige. The possibilities for the mutant team seem myriad and promising, especially after the disappointing last two X-Men movies. Apocalypse Y Dark fenix.

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With Phase 4 of the MCU already announced and with no X-Men movie in sight, fans suspected that it would be a long time before mutants entered the mix. Nevertheless, WandaVision It’s slowly becoming the perfect opportunity to introduce them, especially with the latest arrival of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. Could the X-Men appear earlier than expected? More importantly, should they?

10 Wait: previous X-Men movies are still too fresh

Dark fenix It was released only two years ago, and while not many people saw it, almost everyone knew how bad the movie was. It currently has a Rotten score of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the lowest-rated film in the franchise. The second lowest, New mutants, is even more recent and will finally be released in 2020.

At this point, fans have almost blind trust in Kevin Feige and the MCU. They are convinced that anything the producer does with the X-Men will be far better than anything Fox has done. However, it might be a good idea to let some time pass between the films, so as not to cause the X to burn out. – Men that Fox was about to provoke.

9 Introduce them: mutants are necessary

WandaVision Billy Tommy Wiccan Speed ​​Young Avengers Configuration SR

The MCU has done well without mutants so far. However, if you want to go ahead with ideas like the Young Avengers and, to a lesser degree, the Secret Invasion, then mutants are necessary. With Wiccan and Speed ​​being such integral parts of the Young Avengers, then their introduction into WandaVision it surely points to something bigger for mutants.

In the comics, Wanda was always a key player for both the Avengers and the X-Men, although she is generally more connected to the former than the latter. Probably the arrival of the X-Men in the MCU will somehow be related to her, so why not do it now, in case it focuses on her and her powers?

8 Wait – they should be in the middle of phase 5

X-Men trilogy

The X-Men are one of Marvel Comics’ most valuable and enduring properties. They are at the center of some of Marvel’s most iconic stories and have many extremely popular characters. And while many fans are dying to see the MCU’s version of Cyclops, Storm, and Jubilee, it is perhaps wiser to wait and turn these iconic characters into the stars of Phase 5.

After all, the trinity comprised of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor was front and center throughout the entire Infinity Saga. Why not make the X-Men, along with some new additions like Fantastic Four and Blade, the key players for the next Saga, thus giving them the importance they deserve?

7 Present them: punctuality

It’s no secret that the X-Men stories have many parallels to racism, bigotry, bigotry, and oppression. Mutants are outcasts in the Marvel universe, discriminated against, mistreated, and even hunted and hunted. In today’s political climate, your fight is sadly timely.

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Wanda herself is beginning to suffer similar treatment. SWORD considers her a terrorist and will probably start treating her as a dangerous war criminal. WandaVision It very well could end with Wanda on the run, just like Cap in Civil war. You will certainly need allies, so why not the same people who can understand your struggle better than anyone else?

6 Wait: no time left

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes in WandaVision

WandaVision You only have a few episodes left and you still need to explain a lot. The remaining time will surely be spent not only solving the mysteries of Agnes and Quicksilver, but also explaining who, if anyone, tricked Wanda into creating the artificial world. It will also involve some kind of battle, as the trailers show.

With so much to happen and so little time left, there’s no way the show could make room for the X-Men. Characters like these need a powerful and dignified introduction, especially since the concept of mutation will be completely new to the MCU. The last thing anyone wants is for mutants to feel like an afterthought.

5 Present them: Wanda makes it more convincing

Magneto Dark Phoenix's story revealed

Wanda has a personal connection to the X-Men. His father, after all, is the franchise’s latest antagonist / antihero, the powerful and ever-changing Magneto. On top of that, his younger sister, the mutant Polaris, is often associated with the team. Audiences can instantly identify with what is at stake so deep and intimate, making Wanda the perfect character to anchor the X-Men in the larger MCU.

Just like in the comics, Wanda is now the bridge that can successfully bridge two distinctive worlds: the tech-filled, cosmic heroics of the Avengers, and the perpetual, bleakest struggle of the X-Men.

4 Please wait: too crowded

Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3

The two most anticipated projects of Phase 4, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness and the still untitled Spiderman 3, will count much of characters. Multiple villains (and maybe some heroes?) From previous Spider-Man movies are making a comeback, while countless rumors suggest Strange doctor It will basically be a mini Avengers movie.

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Wanda is rumored to be a part of both films, which will continue the story that WandaVision establishes. With so many characters to juggle, there’s no way the X-Men could also fit into the narrative in a meaningful enough way, especially since it takes too many mutant characters to do the teamwork.

3 Introduce them – they could be accurate comics

Scarlet Witch - No more mutants

At the end of House of M # 7, Scarlet Witch utters three words that bring the entire Marvel universe to its knees: “No more mutants.” Wanda’s enormous reality-altering abilities reduce the mutant population from millions to just a couple hundred, forever changing the fate of the X-Men.

Many fans have speculated that the MCU version of “No More Mutants” will be “No More Avengers.” However, some others have further theorized that Wanda will bring about the opposite effect in the MCU. Instead of disappearing mutants, it will bring them into the universe, something like “More mutants.” This actually makes perfect sense considering that Wanda might not want to be the only super-powered person in the world, and would bring to life one of the most infamous moments in comic book history.

two Wait: give them their own movie

Introducing the X-Men on the small screen would deprive fans of the opportunity to witness their arrival in a true cinematic experience. It could also lessen its impact, considering that streaming is still considered a somewhat “minor” form of entertainment, especially compared to cinema.

It could also confuse people who haven’t seen the show. Some fans have argued that the MCU is starting to feel like a chore and that they can no longer watch only the movies that interest them because all the projects are interconnected. Giving the X-Men their own movie, and thus their own origin story, would solve this problem.

1 Present them: finally a true MCU

the X-Men and the MCU

Honestly, the MCU can’t be a complete cinematic universe without the X-Men. The mutant team is such an iconic part of Marvel that it is impossible not to consider them vital to the very existence of the universe. Introducing them, along with the Fantastic 4, will finally complete the Marvel family.

Whether they appear now or in some later project, mutants must be part of the MCU in the future. The stakes would only increase, and they would add a layer of complexity that has been missing in the overly lighthearted MCU. WandaVision a major event is happening right now, so why not take the opportunity to finally get the writing done? The fans have waited long enough.

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