Warzone Streamer NICKMERCS Reveals FFAR Gun Was Secretly Polished

Warzone streamer NICKMERCS reveals that the FFAR has received a stealth buff that allows it to achieve double bullet speed with Ranger Barrel.

Popular Call of Duty: War Zone Streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed that the FFAR assault rifle may have recently received a stealth buff. This is the latest occurrence of a practice that is becoming more prevalent among popular shooters, and the reception from players has been largely negative. Among the more recent examples was the inclusion of a blueprint for the MAC-10 machine gun, which featured much higher damage than the base weapon and could also be purchased for real money. While this pay-to-win mechanic was already problematic, it was compounded by the fact that the community only found out when YouTuber JGOD pointed it out.

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War zone has been seeing a number of balance issues since launching Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Because many of the Black ops weapons carried War zone, initially dominated the playing field due to their higher overall damage profiles. These weapons, like the DMR 14, should have been rebalanced prior to integration into War zone. The result was the protests of the players that the matches were practically impossible to win without using them or third-party programs to obtain an unfair advantage. Since then, Activision has been improving and improving weapons to create a more balanced experience.

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As reported by Correct, NICKMERCS claims that the FFAR is the latest weapon to receive a buff not listed in the patch notes. According to him, the Ranger Barrel has been adjusted so that the speed of the bullet has been doubled. Although a higher bullet velocity doesn’t make the bullets more powerful, faster bullets mean longer ranges before the damage starts to decrease, and it also means that the bullets hit their marks faster. It is a change that only the most dedicated and experienced Obligations players might notice, making it even less acceptable for less common players to be unaware of this change in the patch notes.

According to Ninja, another popular streamer, developers have started to omit information from patch notes, or patch notes entirely in FortniteThis is the case, because they don’t want the information to deter players from playing. In a 2019 video, he cited instances of gamers refusing to play when their favorite weapons were given nerfs, which happened quite frequently during FortniteFirst season. In ObligationsIn this case, however, the community seems to overwhelmingly prefer to have access to that information, and War zoneThe developers have been constantly criticized for hiding changes since the game was released.

There is a fine line to be walked in addressing this dilemma. When developers decide to release patch notes, there must be a consistent and transparent code by which they decide what information is relevant. Most would agree that it wouldn’t be reasonable to include a detailed breakdown of every minor bug fix, but increasing the rate of fire for one of the game’s most popular weapons clearly doesn’t fall into that category. While Epic Games received some criticism for taking the nuclear option of completely removing the patch notes, Activision should consider doing the same if it continues to omit crucial information of its own anyway. After all, patch notes are useless if players can’t trust them.

Looking ahead, the Obligations The community will soon have another entry in the series to turn their attention to. In the case of this upcoming game, the core developers are rumored to be Sledgehammer Games, who haven’t led a Obligations project since 2017 Call of Duty: World War II. This new game will presumably also include War zone, and if so, fans should hope they don’t repeat again Black Ops Cold WarRocky integration.

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