Why don’t the victims of the Scarlet Witch go near the curse?

Episode 6 of WandaVision showed what it’s like on the outskirts of Westview, effectively explaining why residents don’t go near the barrier.

WARNING: There are SPOILERS ahead for WandaVision Episode 6, “New Spooktacular Halloween!”

WandaVision showed the outskirts of Westview for the first time explaining why townspeople don’t approach Scarlet Witch’s hex barrier. As the Marvel Studios show enters its final stretch, more information is revealed regarding the state of the pocket reality that Wanda and Vision live in, including how the rest work, after the Syntezoid found itself moving away from the center. Immediately, it is clear that something is wrong in these neighborhoods and that people are “failing” the further they get away from Wanda.

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As Vision moved toward the mystical frontier of Westview, the city seemed increasingly deserted. The few people who live or were in the area were trapped in a trance state, giving off a creepy feeling, particularly within WandaVisionHalloween-themed Episode 6 (appropriately titled “New Spooktacular Halloween!”). Considering the good job Wanda did in orchestrating the downtown activity, something even Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff mentioned, it’s funny why she let other parts of her pocket reality work, especially if she’s motivated. to preserve your fantasy

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The answer goes back to Wanda’s state of mind when she created this pocket reality in WandaVision. Since she’s only really concerned with her story, not much attention is paid to the “supporting characters.” People who live far away from them specifically aren’t on her worry list, and since she doesn’t see or interact with them regularly unless they’re in those neighborhoods, there is no point in making them functional, at least that’s what she thinks. . That’s the reason why he reminded Tommy and Billy not to go to Ellis Avenue, which is near the hexagonal barrier. Unfortunately for her, Vision found his way to these outer areas while trying to get to the bottom of the Westview mystery.

WandaVision Episode 5 - Vision Awakens Norm

This is also in line with WandaVision be inspired by the sitcom. In those comedy shows, or in any other series or movie, the focus is always on the main characters; in this case, Wanda and Vision, as well as their growing family. Anyone else really doesn’t care about the narrative being told on screen, except maybe a few supporting characters if the producers decide to build their arches on the side. But, for the most part, the protagonists are at the center of their own “universe” and all the other characters are there to mimic what it looks like in the real world without really capturing what life is like. The fact that she is willing to subject everyone else to pain just to play a role in her fantasy world highlights how she subscribes to this ideal.

The funny thing now is whether Wanda will address this if Vision raises questions about Westview’s flawed people. In WandaVision Episode 5 During their big confrontation, the Synth asked him why there are no other children in town except Billy and Tommy. Immediately at the next outing, suddenly there were children in their community as they celebrated Halloween. As the hex spread and took over even SWORD’s base, perhaps Scarlet Witch could use her growing powers to create a fully functioning pocket world; the only problem is that this could be more dangerous to the very fabric of the MCU reality.

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WandaVision episode 6 breaks the timeline rule

WandaVision episode 6 breaks the show’s timeline rule

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