Chris Harrison will temporarily stop hosting The Bachelor. Find out what this means for the franchise and what could happen next.

Chris Harrison temporarily steps away from hosting The Bachelor, and fans are now speculating if this means the network will eventually fire him, or if he is set to return in the near future. This has been a rough week for the Bachelor Nation, beginning with an interview Chris Harrison gave Rachel Lindsay on Tuesday, February 9. When Rachel faced certain racist images with season 25 favorite Rachael Kirkconnell, Chris defensively tried to justify it at all costs, even going as far as to say that 2018 was an entirely different time.

In turn, the Bachelor Nation’s response was unanimous: There is no excuse for Rachael to have attended an Old South Ball event in 2018, and the photos she took there cannot be excused either. Consequently, many viewers and alumni are now disappointed with Chris Harrison’s ease in dismissing this very real and highly justified criticism of Rachael’s actions from just three years ago. This prompted Rachael Kirkconnell to finally apologize on social media, and Chris Harrison did the same. And yet, mounting pressure on the host has prompted him to issue a second apology, this time announcing that he will temporarily stop hosting the show.

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The wording in the latest version by Chris Harrison The Bachelor The announcement is key to understanding what might actually be happening behind the scenes. In the second image of Chris’s statement on Instagram (included below), the Single host wrote: “I have consulted with Warner Bros. and ABC and will step aside for a period of time and not join the After the Final Rose special.” For context, The Bachelor The franchise is produced and distributed by Warner Bros and broadcast by ABC (a network owned by Disney). Given Chris’s wording, it’s possible that high-level executives at Warner and / or Disney met with the presenter and asked him to step aside for some time. Unfortunately, Chris may also have had to consult with both studios before making a decision.

It is also noteworthy that Chris Harrison said it is “stand aside for a period of time” since The Bachelor, making it clear that this is supposed to be temporary and not permanent. And yet it’s also possible that this is the first step for Chris to ditch his hosting responsibilities for good or get replaced entirely on the show. According to the production credits, Chris Harrison is a co-executive producer on Single in paradise, but you are not credited as a producer in The Bachelor Y High school. As such, Chris probably doesn’t have as much power over the franchise as some fans might assume.

The story of Chris Harrison leaving host The Bachelor it will surely have many other chapters. There has never been a reaction as strong as this to call for his removal. Hopefully, the best decision will be made for the Bachelor Nation in the future.

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The Bachelor Season 25 airs Mondays at 8 pm ET / PT on ABC.

Sources: Chris Harrison’s Instagram

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