Woeful Genshin Impact gamer discovers how to kill dogs

An apologetic Genshin Impact player reveals that he has figured out how to kill the generally waterproof dogs in the game, and it’s predictably very sad.

TO Genshin Impact The player has figured out how to kill dogs in the game, although an ominous fall and obvious regret should be more than enough of a warning for everyone else to avoid the practice altogether. Genshin Impact is the open world action RPG from developer miHoYo that has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world, although its availability on other platforms on PlayStation 4 and PC is part of the reason why it has managed to generate a base of solid players so fast.

Genshin Impact is a game that features a good dose of violence, although even at worst the game is generally quite anime-inspired and toned down to help make it more accessible to younger players. Most of the enemies that players defeat are monsters, and humans who are defeated in combat generally disappear in puffs of smoke, either when they are knocked out or of their own free will to retreat from battle. An element of Genshin Impact what has remained (thankfully) untouchable have been its pets: every area of ​​the city has dogs and cats, but they cannot be harmed in any way.

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Unfortunately, one Genshin Impact The player has managed to evade the invulnerability of the dogs in Liyue and killed one. Reddit user derek56767 published in the Genshin Impact subreddit with their findings, indicating in the post title that they believe they are “go to hell for this. “In the video, the player can push and hold a dog towards a Liyue before finally pushing it into the water. Unfortunately, as the All That Glitters event is underway and creates special drops from specific monsters, the disappearance of the dog yields a material. of mecha, confirming his death when it could otherwise have been argued that he simply disappeared.

Fortunately for everyone, this is the type of glitch that is extremely difficult to accidentally create, which is why gamers worry that they might accidentally damage Genshin Impact pets don’t need to worry. Given the ominous drop in the Wick material and the many players pointing out that killing a dog while making a reference to the John wick The franchise is a bad sign, it doesn’t seem like players are looking to recreate this anytime soon.

In a much happier Genshin Impact Important note, the game recently added the Mini Seelie, with data mining suggesting plans for more in the future. It is unknown if Travelers will be able to keep dogs to accompany them as pets in the future, but if they do, hopefully everyone will learn a lesson from this incident and be more careful with their pets, treating them with love, attention, and patting. the head that everyone deserves.

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Source: derek56767 / Reddit

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