Writer’s Odyssey definitive trailer determines the fate of the world

One of the biggest movies to come out of China this year is A Writer’s Odyssey, with a new definitive trailer showcasing the epic fantasy world.

While many major films are in a waiting pattern for a theatrical release or are simultaneously released on premium streaming services, the latest Chinese epic A Writer’s Odyssey is already in theaters.

Released just in time for the Lunar New Year, The odyssey of a writer follows a modest novelist named Lu Kongwen whose latest work, The killer of gods, becomes literal, threatening to bring the entire world under his devastating rule.

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As Lu rushes to confront and destroy his own Redmane creation, he is the target of an assassin named Guan Ning as the world transforms into an overwhelming fantasy, filled with ancient warriors, ravenous monsters, and mythical ships and palaces.

Distributed by CMC Pictures of China, CBR’s own advance review of A Writer’s Odyssey praises the scope and spectacle, as a strong reminder of the value of cinematic storytelling and the fantasy genre encompassing Chinese folklore in weaving a gripping adventure.

The odyssey of a writer it is based on the novel by Shuang Xuetao and directed by Lu Yang, with Ning Hao serving as executive producer. It stars Dong Zijian, Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi, Yu Hewei, Guo Jingfei, and Tong Liya. The movie is already in theaters.

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