10 anime that put a unique twist on time travel

The time travel genre is a very little explored genre when it comes to anime. Even when anime explores the topic, science is almost always abandoned in favor of the usual anime antics. Even when creating time travel anime, they often follow the same path: go to the past, correct a mistake, return to a better future.

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Understandably, while some fans enjoy watching anime that have similar storylines, there are others who yearn for something different. So for those fans who are interested in watching time travel anime that have unique twists, you can take a look at these fantastic anime.

10 InuYasha: schoolgirl doesn’t want an evil demon to wreak havoc in feudal Japan


Teenager Kagome Higurashi is inadvertently dragged away by a demon five hundred years ago. She is now in the Sengoku period and ends up with a magic gem inside her, which was the demon’s true target.

Finally, the jewel is broken into multiple pieces. A hurried and desperate Kagome enlists the help of Inuyasha, who is part human and part dog, to collect all the pieces of the jewel before the demon gets them.

9 Iroduku: The world in colors: the girl is sent back in time and suddenly she is able to see colors

Iroduku: the world in colors

Hitomi Tsukishiro’s grandmother uses a magic spell and ends up sending her back in time to 2018 when her grandmother (Kohaku) was a student at school. Hitomi is confused at first, but her grandmother assures her that she will soon find her purpose.

True to Kohaku’s words, Hitomi ends up in the artist Yuito’s room. Seeing her paintings instantly ignites a fire within her and floods her black and white life with her own colors (literally).

8 Meiji Tokyo Renka: teenager travels to the Meiji period and becomes a ghost hunter

Meiji Tokyo Renka

One fine day, high school student Ayazuki Mei finds herself opening her eyes to what appears to be the Meiji Period. The wizard who transported her takes her to Rokumeikan. There he meets several prominent figures in Japanese history, who explain the dynamics of this world to him.

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It turns out that Ayazuki is a Tamayori, a rare type of person who can see Mononoke (ghosts). Together with these men, he takes on his new responsibility of cleaning ghosts from the Meiji Period.

7 Academy of the Occult: A girl from the past and a boy from the future work together to stop an alien invasion

Academy of the occult

Aliens invade the world in 2012 and completely take over it. Time travelers are ordered to travel to 1999 to find and destroy the only key that was prophesied to bring about the destruction of humanity.

The teenage Maya (from 1999) is convinced by the time traveler Fumiaki (from 2012) to help her find and destroy the key. Despite not completely trusting his intentions, Maya agrees to help him. With the help of Fumiaki’s special cell phone, the duo must quickly find the key before it’s too late.

6 Drifters – A warrior travels to an alternate timeline where historical Japanese warriors are alive and kicking


Toyohisa Shimazu belonged to 17th century Japan, but one day after winning an important battle, he is thrust into a world like he had never seen before.

This land is populated by the heroes of Toyohisa, all of whom should have been dead! To make matters worse, it seems that magical and supernatural creatures are the norm here. He is soon drawn into the war and the politics of the world and eventually the future of that world is in the hands of a small group of individuals known only as Drifters.

5 Sakurada Reset: the girl-boy duo helps people but ends up being sucked into an evil conspiracy

Sakurada Reboot

Thanks to his photographic memory, Kei Asai is the only person who is immune to Misora ​​Haruki’s ability to reset time in three days. The two decide to join together and form the Service Club to help the people of their city.

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Their adventures begin innocently, but with each person they help, the duo realize that something more sinister is going on in their quiet little town by the ocean.

4 Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess: The time traveling demon girl is raised as a human, but cannot escape her past.

Yashahime: Half Demon Princess

The Towa demon half of feudal Japan suddenly finds herself in modern Japan, where she is adopted by a kind man who raises her up as a normal human girl. A decade later, her life as a human is turned upside down when she finds people from her timeline knocking on her door.

Among them is Setsuna, her twin sister, but for some reason, she has no memories of Towa. Thus begins Towa’s journey to restore her sister’s lost memories.

3 Buddy Complex: School Boy travels to the future, only to be caught in a mecha war

body complex

One fine day, high school student Aoba Watase is attacked by a futuristic-looking mecha robot, and a girl named Hina saves him. Then he takes him seventy years into the future to avoid his death.

But it’s not that the future is better: Aoba finds himself piloting a mecha, caught in the middle of a fearsome battle that occurs between two sides. Who are these people, why was he inside a mecha, and what will Aoba do with his new life now?

two Thermae Romae: Roman inventor copies modern Japanese inventions to sell at home

An architect from ancient Rome named Lucius Modestus suddenly finds himself in present-day Japan. The time travel machine, or rather a hole in time, connects the baths of ancient Rome with modern Japan.

Mesmerized and often overwhelmed by everything he sees, Lucius wastes no time drawing inspiration from everything he sees in Japan. Then he goes back to his time and recreates the same things he saw to earn a name among his people.

1 ERASED: Man travels to his kindergarten body to solve his mother’s murder case

Satoru and Kayo erased

Satoru Fujinuma is a 29-year-old who is capable of jumping time, although he has never been able to control them. One day, he travels years back in time in the body of his childish self. Now, he is tasked with only one job: to find out who killed his mother, so that he can finally free himself from being wrongly accused of her death.

However, they don’t open too many doors for kids looking to solve murder mysteries, proving to be a tough nut to crack for Satoru.

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