10 anime to see if you love The Lord of the Rings

There are some classics so renowned that they serve as the basis for a new genre. The Lord of the rings It’s certainly one of those series, and it’s not surprising that Tolkien’s seminal works have inspired countless high-fantasy adventure stories. At times, Tolkienism has been to the detriment of the fantasy genre. Too often, high fantasy stories feature familiar medieval settings, royalty, dwarves, and dragons. Fantasy has the potential to be much more creative, but even so, Tolkien’s framework has produced many excellent series.

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A fantasy world populated by monstrous creatures and magical forces, a long and arduous quest through beautiful and treacherous landscapes, themes of loyalty and love, and really high-stakes battles – all of these things ensure that this genre remains excellent entertainment. . Adventure-seeking Tolkien fans will find that the anime medium is littered with stories that fit the bill.

10 The 12 Kingdoms is a high fantasy Isekai anime

twelve kingdoms anime cast

When it comes to high fantasy, there are few anime as faithful to the genre’s tropes as The twelve kingdoms. Among the early isekai series, The Twelve Kingdoms featured an intrepid heroine and a second world setting inspired by Chinese folklore.

When Youka Nakajima is transported from her Japanese high school to the world of the twelve kingdoms and informed that she is, in fact, an empress, she must accept new responsibilities in a foreign landscape. Although not terribly original, The twelve kingdoms does an excellent job with the rhythms of fantasy stories.

9 Berserk features brutal battles and a truly tragic ending

Guts and co Berserk Anime

Maddened it is an anime that more or less comes with a warning label. The original anime is ultra-violent and ruthless in its treatment of the characters, and in many ways it has aged poorly.

The anime also features one of the darkest endings ever seen in anime, and to this day fans refer to those final episodes with a kind of disgusted bow. Not many of the characters in Maddened They are nice, but for anyone looking for brutal battles against knights and monsters, Maddened is always waiting.

8 Moribito is a fantasy anime featuring female characters


Tolkien’s works have been praised for their large scale and themes, but a fair criticism of Tolkien’s work is that it lacks female characters in the fundamental lead roles. Aside from Eowyn, who goes to great lengths to redeem this flaw, Arwen and Galadriel appeared so rarely in the original books that Peter Jackson had to write more scenes for them in the film adaptations.

Come in then Moribito, which introduces Raft the Shuttle, one of the best anime protagonists of both sexes. Balsa is assigned as a bodyguard for a prince whose own father tried to assassinate him. While protecting the prince, Balsa travels the land trying to atone for the lives she has taken as a warrior. Serious, thoughtful and classically beautiful, the world of Moribito is well worth a visit.

7 The Heroic Legend of Arslan is an epic and rewarding tale with a slow start

The bar was high enough for Lion, and perhaps that hampered their success. Based on a beloved series of high fantasy novels written by Japanese author Yoshiki Tanaka in the 1980s, the story takes place in Paris, a kingdom inspired by ancient Persia. It tells the story of the young crown prince, Arslan, who must save his people from a treacherous attack from a neighboring kingdom.

Adapted into a manga by none other than Hiromu Arakawa from Fullmetal Alchemist fame, audiences had high expectations for the series. Lion It takes a long time to get going, but when it does, the story is a rewarding epic.

6 Chaika: The Coffin Princess follows a journey through a world full of magic and monsters

chaika coffin princess cast

Somehow it is surprising that Chaika: The coffin princess received no further attention when it aired in 2014. Based on a hit light novel series and cleverly animated by Bones, Coffin princess tells the story of Toru Acura, a swordsman out of work after the end of a war, who meets a wizard named Chaika.

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Chaika is, in fact, the daughter of the emperor, who was killed and dismembered during the war. Your goal is to collect the body parts of eight warriors who have been using the parts as magical talismans. Toru joins his quest to give his father a proper burial, and the pair travel through a world rife with magic and monsters.

5 Golden Kamuy uses a relatively modern time period as the setting for its fantasy adventure.

Anime Golden Kamuy Asirpa Sugimoto Horizon

Always popular with manga readers, Golden kamuyThe legacy of appears to be growing significantly. This is one of the few series that represents a character belonging to the Ainu tribe, representative of the Japanese indigenous population, and incorporates a rarely represented period of Japanese history: the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War of the early 20th century. .

Despite the modernity of the setting, the story has an epic and timeless feel, and the characters’ unconventional personalities during their strange search for gold have won the hearts of viewers.

4 Vinland Saga explores the futility of revenge and the weight of our actions

Vinland Saga it doesn’t take place in a fantasy world, but it’s a fantastic ride nonetheless. When it comes to research, few creators rival Tolkien’s efforts, but author Makoto Yukimura is certainly on the run. He traveled to Iceland to study the history of the Vikings and has spent over fifteen years working on this masterpiece.

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The story centers on Thorfinn, who grows up alongside the man who murdered his father, the Viking leader Askeladd, with the intention of growing up enough to seek revenge. The story presents powerful messages about the futility of revenge and the weight of our actions. Thorfinn must learn to seek new shores and leave violence behind to live a life worth living.

3 Demon Slayer indulges in an impressive and vast fantastic storytelling

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado

Given the massive success of Kimetsu no yaiba, needs little introduction. But much of what makes this story a smashing success is the very thing that drew fans to the Frodo and Sam story. After his family is brutally murdered by demons and his sister turns into a demon, Tanjiro is determined to become a demon slayer and find a cure for his sister.

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Seemingly set in Taisho-era Japan, the story is filled with monsters and magic and the same kind of vast and impressive storytelling that distinguishes the best fantasy settings.

two Katanagatari explores emotional bonds and how they grow


The history of the samurai has long left its mark on literature and may have inspired Tolkien’s quest stories. Katanagatari is a cult hit in copyright anime circles. Written by the later acclaimed author Bakemonogatari series, the story centers on the strategist Tagame, who enlists the help of the swordless samurai, Shichika, to help her collect 12 magic swords for the shogunate.

The art style is unique, and the true heart of the story is in the bond that forms between the two protagonists as the story progresses to an emotional climax that leaves fans stunned.

1 Dororo follows suit as they reclaim their stolen humanity

Best: Dororo

Dororo in its original form it was in fact written just after The lrings ord. Osamu Tezuka, the godfather of all anime, wrote the series as a manga in the late 1960s, and an early anime adaptation aired in 1969. Renewed by a brilliant 2019 MAPPA anime, the story finally received an adaptation. It allows your story, characters, and themes to truly shine. Just before his birth, Hyakkimaru’s father trades his son’s body parts for riches.

Abandoned, disabled, and devoid of emotion, Hyakkimaru must defeat monsters to retrieve his missing body parts. During his journey, he is accompanied by an orphan named Dororo who also helps him find his humanity.

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