10 heartwarming Naruto and Boruto cosplay

Naruto has been on top of the anime world for the past few decades, but Boruto might soon catch up with his father. It is still up for debate whether Boruto has managed to take Narutois the first ninja anime, but the competition is closer than ever. The way Boruto has started to emerge in the cosplay world is proof of the success of the new show.

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It is true that Naruto it’s an anime classic, but Boruto you are definitely ready to become one too. In fact, in terms of warming the hearts of fans, Boruto may have already surpassed his father. Many cosplays focus on the way Naruto and Boruto’s relationship has limitless potential to touch the heartstrings of viewers.

10 Baby Boruto Cosplay

Naruto and Baruto

The sheer joy on display in this cosplay from xMiCaNx it is enough to warm the hearts of even the coldest of readers. Not only that, all three cosplay costumes are very well done. From Hinata to Naruto, and even Boruto’s child cosplay, these cosplayers did an amazing job.

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One can only imagine the struggle it takes to raise a child like Boruto. If Naruto wasn’t one of the most powerful ninjas in the world, he surely would have had his hands full with Boruto. In fact, if he hadn’t been blessed with a wife like Hinata, he absolutely would have been overwhelmed.

9 Heart touching family hug

Family cosplay _ Naruto

The way the sun shines on this adorable family cosplay from pmumpkinkarou, Haichan, KKY DK at WorldofCosplay offers the perfect kind of symbolism for this list. Readers can imagine that this family feels just as warm externally as it is internally.

In the world of Shonen anime, it’s rare for characters to get a chance to slow down and cuddle like these cosplayers do here. Whether it’s training or fighting the forces of evil, there always seems to be something in the way of quality family time, but these cosplayers are clear about their priorities.

8 Next Generation

Next Generation Families _ Cosplay

Do you remember the anime conventions? Remember when all anime fans in the world could gather in one place and share the beautiful world of anime without fear of outside forces? It is beautiful to share space with your relatives and this cosplay is proof of how beautiful it can be.

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The cosplayer behind this photo has the username. Habanero and can be found at WorldofCosplay Y Facebook. This kind of cosplay image is only possible due to the diversity of the cast in the Naruto franchise. There seems to be a character that everyone can relate to in Naruto, and this cosplayer takes advantage of that fact by bringing the entire team together for an incredible cosplay photograph.

7 Portrait of the Uzumaki family

Family portrait _ Naruto _ Boruto

Everyone has an awkward family photo hanging somewhere in their house, so it makes sense that Naruto, Hinata, Boruto, and Himawari have one too. It is not clear if sasu89 they actually framed this photo or if they just added the effect digitally, but the result is the same.

The home life of Naruto and his son is something that does not have enough screen time on Naruto or Boruto. While it’s completely reasonable for a Shonen anime to prioritize fight scenes and training sequences, it would be nice to walk through Naruto and Hinata’s house and see all the awkward family photos that line its walls.

6 Interrupt training to “say cheese!”

Whole Family _ Cosplay _ Naruto

Boruto owes much of his strength to his father, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t earned his place in the hearts of fans for himself. The young ninja’s commitment to training is admirable and enviable.

Another thing that is enviable is the fact that Boruto has Naruto as his sensei. This group of cosplayers shows that living in a ninja house might not be as enviable as some fans believe. If readers think it’s hard to find a piece moment in your home, imagine how Himiwari feels every day. The cosplayer behind this Himiwari is called pmumpkinkarou at WorldofCosplay.

5 Naruto disguised as Boruto

Naruto Cosplay

This cosplay of kbt_ta1 he separates himself from the others by focusing almost entirely on Naruto. Still, there are hints of Boruto fashion within this cosplayer’s portrayal of Naruto that will make readers think about the full impact the Hokage had on their son.

The combination of a black jacket with a white t-shirt underneath is much more reminiscent of Boruto’s character design than Naruto’s, but the three stripes on the cosplayer’s cheek make it clear that this is the father, not the son. Imagining Naruto choosing his son’s outfit would make any anime fan feel warm inside.

4 The perfectly awkward familiar Photoshop collage

Family Collage _ Cosplay _ Naruto

This digitally created collage of the Uzumaki family comes from WorldofCosplay User Ururu and it’s awkward enough to remind viewers of their own family photos. It seems like no matter how super powerful your family may be, the awkwardness that comes from parents forcing their kids to pose for family photos is universal.

It’s unclear if these cosplayers are actually family members, but the way they mimic awkward family photos they may fool some into thinking they’re in fact related. Regardless of whether they are related or not, each should receive credit for the great job they did on their individual cosplay.

3 Like father Like Son

Naruto and Boruto _ as father as son

Boruto has struggled since its debut in 2017 to keep up Naruto Y Naruto: Shippuden. The way Boruto approached all of his obstacles with the confidence of a spoiled son of the Hokage made his titular series a bit difficult to watch until he experienced some serious character development.

A cosplayer like kbt_ta1, which is able to show Boruto following in his father’s footsteps, is a welcome sight for Naruto what canceled Boruto before the young protagonist had a chance to live up to the expectations created by his father.

two Annual Family Photo Day

Cosplay _ Naruto _ Hinata _ Boruto

Readers can surely relate to the family picture day struggle. It’s enough to put together an outfit for school picture day, but parents still believe it is necessary to drag everyone to the park to commemorate one more year as a family.

Although these cosplayers can wear the look of an ordinary family on photo day, it’s clear that they all chose to be there because of the masterfully designed cosplay costumes each of them have created. This cosplay family photo was uploaded by Miano Uchimaki at WorldofCosplay.

1 Family Trip to Anime Con

Boruto The Movie Cosplay

The smile on Boruto’s face says it all in this picture. AilCf on DeviantArt He seems to have a complete understanding of the Boruto character, and even takes this cosplay image a step further by digitally editing a promotional logo for the Boruto movie.

On top of that, the costumes used for this photograph are incredible. Naruto’s bandages and jacket are second only to the incredible wig that covers his head. The same can be said for Boruto’s cosplay, which masterfully pairs Boruto’s black jacket with an immaculate wig. Nothing more needs to be said, but it would be a shame if we didn’t give Hinata cosplayer credit for misleading viewers into thinking this could be a live recreation of the hit Shonen series.

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