10 mistakes made by Iron Man that we can all learn from

Tony Stark is Iron Man, a revered hero and self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. However, he is also human and is prone to making mistakes from time to time. Audiences saw Tony’s many successes and failures early on in Iron Man All the way up Avengers Endgame.

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From these mistakes, no matter how big or small, some important life lessons emerge. Tony definitely learned from his many mistakes, and audiences can benefit in the same way, although he is spared some of the tough times and great risks Tony went through due to those mistakes.

10 Could not communicate with Peter

Tony Stark and Peter Parker

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter eagerly awaits Tony Stark’s call for another mission. Peter wants to prove himself as a superhero and essentially puts all the other things in his life on hold, choosing to focus on his “Stark Internship”. Peter gets into all kinds of trouble trying to get to the bottom of the gun trade, including nearly drowning and losing everyone aboard a ferry.

Both times Tony Stark helps him, but Stark confiscates his suit after the ferry incident. If Tony Stark had been more forthcoming with Peter, the teenager could have avoided those setbacks. Peter had a lot to learn, but so did Tony Stark in the tutoring world.

9 Lost time

Tony was busy building weapons and partying; He didn’t realize he was missing so many other things in life until he was held captive with Yinsen. Yinsen himself, in his last moments, urges Tony not to “waste” his life. Tony had gotten a second chance thanks to Yinsen saving him, and he took that chance and those words seriously, knowing what he had to do and finding real purpose for himself afterward.

While Tony’s situation is an extreme example, what the public can take away is the fact that there is so much to experience in life, and by wasting it on things that don’t matter, they are missing out.

8 Struggled to really connect with others

Tony Stark went through a lot in his life. He had a difficult relationship with his father and was young when his parents died. Later, he would find out that they were killed. Without a doubt, her experience with her parents, especially after she lost them, affected the way she connected with others. Tony only had a few trusted people in his life in Iron Man, which are Pepper, Rhodey and Obadiah Stane.

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Stane eventually betrayed Tony, which couldn’t have helped matters. However, it took a long time for Tony to really connect with others, especially when it came to his feelings for Pepper. He waited a long time to be with her and have a family. When he connected with others, it was really meaningful, and for audiences, they can learn not as long as Tony.

7 He took advantage of his friends

Tony and Rhodey in Iron Man 2

When the public met him for the first time in Iron ManTony was very selfish and selfish. All he cared about was partying and being a womanizer. He did not consider anyone else. He made Rhodey wait for him for quite some time before boarding his plane to Afghanistan and he didn’t remember Pepper’s birthday.

He did not pay attention to them or consider their time and feelings; he simply took advantage of them. He was a best friend after his ordeal in Afghanistan, but the way he treated his friends is a lesson to be learned, especially if you have such good friends as Rhodey and Pepper.

6 Taunted Bruce Banner

While on board the ship in the AvengersTony punches Bruce, much to Captain America’s dismay as he reminds Tony how dangerous he is. Tony was the only one who didn’t tiptoe up to Bruce, which he seemed to appreciate, but the point is, it was a huge risk, especially with all the people on board.

That said, there is a time and place to provoke Bruce and potentially anger the Hulk, and Tony picked a bad time; in fact, it should have gone pretty well. If Bruce hadn’t been in control, it could have ended very differently. The lesson here is not to poke the bear, so to speak.

5 He revealed that he was Iron Man

Rather than take SHIELD’s advice to follow the story given to him at the press conference, Tony reveals that he is Iron Man. It’s something he did on the spur of the moment; In the years to come, with the public knowing who he was, he certainly brought a number of problems. It also changed his life drastically, forever.

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If he had followed SHIELD’s instructions from the beginning, he might have had trouble keeping his superhero identity a secret, but he could at least live that part of his life in private. A secret as important as a superhero’s identity could have fared better for Tony if only the trusted people in his life, like Pepper and Rhodey, knew about it. That said, the public can learn from Tony that some secrets are best kept among trusted friends and family.

4 He gave his home address to the bad guys

Tony Stark makes a big mistake when he gives his home address to The Mandarin in Iron Man 3. His home was destroyed and he risked both his life and Pepper’s in the process. Fortunately, none of them died, so they were lucky in that regard.

However, Tony’s judgment was considerably wrong since he told the bad guys exactly where to find him. This example is an extreme case, but it teaches a valuable lesson that the public should never allow suspicious characters or people they don’t know well to know where they reside for security reasons.

3 He fought for the Sokovia accords

Captain America vs Iron Man in Captain America Civil War

Much was happening in Captain America: Civil War. One of them was the division of The Avengers due to the Sokovia Accords. Tony was in favor of his team being supervised, while Captain America was completely against the idea. Tony was very insistent that his path was the right one and that Steve and those who supported him should follow his example.

It leads to a massive battle and a new chapter in the Avengers’ life, and it certainly created a huge rift between Captain America and Tony Stark. The point is, Tony can’t force anyone to think like him or believe in the things he does, and he couldn’t see Steve’s side. The public can learn from their mistake in that regard.

two He didn’t tell anyone he was sick

Tony Stark with strawberries in Iron man 2

In Iron Man 2, Tony is slowly dying due to the poisoning of the palladium core in his arc reactor, but he doesn’t tell anyone about his condition. Naturally, he was devastated by her inevitable death, especially since he couldn’t find a substitute for palladium. However, he became reckless and could have hurt a lot of people at his birthday party if Pepper and Rhodey hadn’t intervened.

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His friends were mad at him for making bad decisions and they certainly deserved to know what was really going on. If Tony had trusted someone, he might have found help earlier to find a cure, and he would have had support along the way, making that difficult time easier. Keeping things a secret doesn’t always go well, and it’s an important lesson.

1 He created Ultron

Some things are better left alone, and Tony Stark had to learn that the hard way. He convinced Bruce Banner, initially reluctant, to help him in the project that would eventually unleash Ultron, and Tony Stark and the Avengers had to go after Ultron, who intended to destroy humanity.

It was a risk that Tony should have considered further, and it ended up being something that weighed heavily on his conscience. The lesson here is to weigh the risks and if something is uncertain, it may be best to leave it alone until more is known about it.

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