With the DC Extended Universe seeing an increase in quality in recent years, there are certain stories from the comics that you should adapt. Flash point is still the top contender for The flash focus on the movie, but the beauty of this story is that it can be used at any time due to the presence of alternate realities.

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This means elements and frames of Flash point It can be played in an extended arc in the DCEU and shown in multiple movies if needed. Whatever the execution of the plot, there are particular stories that would work better if adapted.

10 Movies could explore Aquaman becoming an emperor warlord

emperor aquaman

At Flash point Aquaman is not the superhero he normally appears, instead being hell-bent on causing war and having no compassion or kindness. He openly used his powers as King of Atlantis to commit atrocities, being responsible for sinking most of Western Europe and killing 60 million people.

This type of brutal Aquaman will serve as a contrasting villain to the DCEU version in an excellent way, as it would demonstrate how easy it is for Aquaman to throw the world into chaos. DCEU Aquaman already has an anger factor for him, so incorporating this story with his attributes will create a delightfully dark character on screen.

9 The old romance of Wonder Woman and Aquaman would make an interesting plot

wonder woman and the cropped furies

Aquaman and Wonder Woman were at odds for most of the Flash point arc, but the beginning of this stems from their old romance. This was shown to be so serious at one point that the two of them had even managed to make it to their wedding day before things went south.

Incorporating this romance into the DCEU, even if it is in an alternate reality, will bring a powerful couple into the fold, one that would see both characters portrayed in a more human light amidst the feared reputation they have in this reality.

8 Thomas Wayne’s turn as Batman could bring a fun new twist to the character

thomas wayne flashpoint batman

Batman is already considered one of the most dangerous vigilantes, and he takes things even further by being open to lethal measures. The most intriguing of the Flash point Batman was his backstory, being the survivor of Joe Chill’s attack when Bruce became the victim.

This brought Thomas Wayne the Batman out of pain rather than being part of a coming of age story. The flash is ready to bring in both Tim Burton’s Batman and the DCEU’s Batman, making the Flash point Batman, the one who can give closure to his children in alternate timelines by confirming their existence.

7 The merging of universes could lead to some fascinating stories

Flash point DC

In the long history of DC Comics, there have been many versions of Earth, with Flash point serving as an event that ended up merging some of these. The story was that Barry realized that he had the power to restore the timeline and saw three timelines: New Earth, Earth-13, and Earth-50 at the same time.

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In the end, he introduced a new reality known as The New 52, ​​the process of which can be used for the DCEU. The merging of different universes can bring separate live-action DC Universes under the same umbrella, while also allowing the series to correct mistakes from previous films.

6 The DCEU needs to explore Superman’s captivity as a lab experiment

Flashpoint superman

Superman has always been considered a dominated superhero, but the Flash point History saw him be anything but his usual self. His arc involved being a laboratory test that has been held in captivity since he left Krypton.

This made Kal-El a weak and scared character who did not have the sense of himself that normal Superman had due to lacking the influence and upbringing of the Kents. This story will be fascinating to watch in live action, as it would present a highly vulnerable side of the character never seen before.

5 Seeing Martha Wayne as the Joker would be a unique cinematic experience

This is a tragic story that has an incredible impact on the reader due to the characters involved. At Flash point universe, Martha Wayne saw Bruce’s death and laughed maniacally as she lost her mind in the pain that ultimately turned her into the Joker.

He saw Thomas Wayne turn into Batman to fight his own wife as she constantly harassed him as a way to cope. The overall storyline had Batman confront the Joker about Bruce’s survival in another universe, a knowledge she couldn’t fathom without intense emotional pain. The DCEU may present this story as the dark counterpart to the Thomas Wayne arc while adapting a Joker true to the character’s tortured nature.

4 The public would love to see Barry’s need to close with his mother

barry allen mother flashpoint

the Flash point It started in the first place because Barry wanted to see his mother again, which made him the catalyst for everything that happened. It culminated in Barry saying a tearful goodbye to his mother in the new timeline as he prepared to fix things.

However, Barry achieved closure after his disappearance, which is what the DCEU Flash has failed to achieve. League of Justice showed him struggling with his father’s incarceration and his mother’s death, which is the perfect setup for the Flash point The story will be incorporated into the DCEU giving Barry the need for closure.

3 The Atlantean-Amazon war would be an epic battle sequence

Atlantean-Amazon war

Although it has been said The flash it won’t feature this war, that doesn’t mean the plot can’t be used in future DC movies. The comics showed that this angle developed after the dissolution of Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s relationship, which saw the two bond their people to one another.

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The DCEU can show the full force of its versions of the Atlanteans and the Amazons through this story, with the two already seen with glimpses of their potential in Aquaman Y Wonder Woman, respectively. This story can serve as a backdrop in the DCEU as it did in the comics, being the cause of the devastation that leads Flash to reverse the timeline.

two Cyborg’s role as Earth’s main superhero would make a good story

Despite having great weapons in his arsenal, Cyborg has been featured as a superhero in team stories. Flash point He changed things by introducing Cyborg as the quintessential superhero and protector of Earth.

His bow slowly sees him realize that his role is flawed due to the government being only as bad as the people he’s supposed to fight. The DCEU’s Cyborg seems to be out of the series for now, but the benefit of having different realities is that a new face can be shown as this is a different world. This plot can do justice to the character who has so far been underrepresented.

1 The mystery behind the appearance of Flashpoint deserves to be explored on the big screen

The general plot throughout the comic book run was the mystery of how the event happened. Barry spent his time trying to track down Reverse-Flash, as he believed that he was the one who had ruined the timeline. It turned out to be Barry himself who did this, with Reverse-Flash looking to capitalize on this fact.

The DCEU can highlight the mysterious aspect of this story by having Barry visit different timelines to find the perpetrator as he goes on a personal journey that helps him realize that he needs to accept responsibility and fix things.

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