10 times Sakura failed to impress Sasuke

Their relationship was complicated, as Sasuke seemed completely disinterested in Sakura. He even went a long period of time without even noticing her.

From the beginning, it was clear that Sakura had feelings for her future husband. On the other hand, Sasuke didn’t seem to care much for Sakura. At times, he hardly seemed to acknowledge their existence. Her feelings mostly seemed to bother him.

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After Sasuke left the village, it seemed like Sakura might end up choosing someone else. Despite everything that would happen, Sakura never gave up on Sasuke. In fact, Sasuke and Sakura would eventually end up getting married. Their relationship was complicated by the fact that Sasuke seemed completely disinterested in her and went a long period of time without even noticing her.

10 He didn’t notice her during his school days

Sasuke and Sakura went to school together for years. Sakura found Sasuke attractive and fell in love with him. When she told her friends, she was surprised to find that many other girls liked Sasuke too.

When Sakura heard the rumor that Sasuke liked girls with long hair, she grew her hair out. She would have done anything to get Sasuke’s attention. In a flashback, it is revealed that he did not even know their name when they were young children.

9 Tried talking to Sasuke after they became teammates

Naruto Bell 7 Test Kit

When Sakura was included in Team 7 with Sasuke, she thought it would be a good time for them to meet. Sakura was able to speak for a short time with Naruto, when he was disguised as Sasuke.

She thought that she was finally getting the attention of the boy she loved. When he started criticizing Naruto’s unrelatedness, he didn’t realize that he was also criticizing Sasuke. He responded by saying some harsh words to her.

8 Your actions during Bell’s test

Sasuke helps Sakura during Team 7's bell test in the anime Naruto

Sasuke and Naruto showed impressive ability during the bell test. Naruto rushed headlong into a fight with Kakashi. Sasuke took his time to form a plan and wait for an opportunity.

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Sakura didn’t do much of anything. She was shocked to discover that Sasuke had almost managed to grab a bell without help. Sasuke had no reason to be impressed with her and didn’t even consider working with her, which was the point of the test to begin with.

7 His impressive chakra control

Naruto Land of Waves Team 7

When Team 7 left for the Land of Waves, they had no way of knowing that the mission was more than they could handle. While in the Land of Waves, Kakashi begins to work with them on their Chakra control.

Kakashi makes the trio try to climb a tree using his Chakra. Sakura manages to master the task faster than her teammates. Sasuke continues to struggle with the training exercise. Naruto turns to Sakura and asks for her advice, but Sasuke doesn’t ask for her help.

6 She took care of him in the hospital

Sasuke Hospital

When the group returned home from a mission, Sasuke is forced to receive treatment at the hospital. Sakura is by his side. When he realizes he hasn’t eaten anything, he goes on a special trip to get him some apples.

Peel and slice the fruit neatly, but Sasuke didn’t even acknowledge its presence. He was lost in thought until Naruto entered the room. Sasuke knocked the apples out of Sakura’s hands and demanded that Naruto fight him.

5 She confessed her love for him

Sakura naruto

Finally, Sasuke realized that he would have to leave the village to become a bigger shinobi. When he leaves the village, Sakura tries to convince him to stay. She confesses her love to him.

She says that if he can’t stay, she would be willing to go with him, and her words have an effect on him. Masashi Kishimoto has seen this as the moment when Sasuke realizes that he loves her too, but his love wasn’t enough for him to stay. He knocks her unconscious on a bench.

4 Her meeting with Sasuke

Two years after Sasuke left the village, the reformed Team 7 manages to locate him. For the first time in years, Sasuke sees two of his best friends. He doesn’t seem to have missed them much.

Try to kill your old friends. If Sakura had been looking forward to a heartwarming reunion, she wouldn’t get it that day. Sakura had probably spent a great deal of that time missing him, but Sasuke doesn’t give any indication that he missed her at all.

3 Sakura tries to stop Sasuke

Shortly after Sasuke decides to turn his revenge against Konoha, Sakura meets him. She realizes immediately that something about him is different. She tries to stop him from killing Karin and offers to help him.

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Sasuke then turns his killing intent on Sakura. Later, when Sakura tries to kill him, he freezes. He responds by trying to kill her. He is completely indifferent towards her undying love for him. She failed to convince him when she sank to her lowest point.

two His fight with Kaguya

Naruto Kaguya Team 7

Team 7 held together when they faced Kaguya Otsutsuki. There were times during the fight when Sasuke and Sakura seemed to completely ignore each other.

Sakura noticed that Sasuke didn’t seem to care about her well-being at all. When he risked his life to stop Kaguya, he didn’t seem concerned for her safety. Sakura was left wondering if he had ever cared about her. She did her best to make him realize her strength, but he didn’t seem affected at all.

1 His words had no effect on him

There is a brief moment of peace after Kaguya is defeated. With Sasuke’s plans about to be executed, it was only the calm before the storm. Sasuke began by restraining the tailed beasts.

Naruto rose to the occasion, trying to keep Sasuke from going too far. Sakura tries to reach Sasuke with her words; confesses to him for the second time. He puts her under a genjutsu, rendering her unconscious. Sasuke couldn’t understand Sakura’s feelings for him, his words couldn’t stop him.

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