In the mid-2010s, a lot was done Spiderman The series underwent a massive change when Peter Parker was replaced by Doctor Octavius, who inhabited Parker’s body to become Superior Spider-Man. It has been cited as Dan Slott’s best and even worst work, according to audience perception.

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Many of the Superior Spider-Man stories are underrated due to the majority of fans wanting the Amazing Spider-Man to return. However, there are comic book issues related to the character that have aged very well and warrant another read to appreciate the good parts that came with him, as they highlight certain strengths that were not apparent before.

10 The Superior Spider-Man # 1 by Dan Slott in which Peter’s consciousness resurfaces

Spider-Man Superior # 1

The first issue of the series was very well received by critics, but was criticized by readers for establishing Otto as the main Spider-Man. However, what many did not understand was how the problem was drawing the parallels between Otto and Peter, the last of whose consciousness it was revealed that he had survived.

This served as an excellent hook for the story going forward, as Peter still existed in some form and made his presence known by vowing to retrieve his body. The problem also established Otto’s way of thinking, as his way of thinking was still a villain even though he wanted to be a hero.

9 The Superior Spider-Man # 5-6 by Dan Slott where Otto begins to fall in love

Superior Spider-Man Otto Sees Anna Maria Being Bullied

Octavio is disgusted by the idea that Peter never finished his PhD and enrolls in college to do so. He then formed a connection with his guardian, Anna Maria, whom he saved from a group of bullies. The problem is the first in which Octavius ​​begins to show genuine human tendencies.

Fans weren’t too keen on moving on from the idea of ​​Mary Jane being Spider-Man’s main love interest, but there was something pure about someone as cowardly as Octavius ​​actually falling in love. The problems show that there is more to him than his own agendas.

8 Dan Slott’s The Superior Spider-Man # 9 Features Superior vs. Amazing Spider-Man Clash

The Superior Spider-Man 9 Peter Faces Ock

Doctor Octopus has been Spider-Man’s villain in all of his media appearances, the battle in this comic being the most personal yet as the two battled for control of Peter’s body. At the time of its release, not many appreciated how Peter ended up losing and his conscience powerlessly vanished.

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However, credit must be given for how Amazing Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man fought each other in this mental struggle, as the two brought out their strengths to highlight the differences between the characters, and for the way the comic keeps the level of intrigue at its peak.

7 The Superior Spider-Man # 20 by Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage The Beginning of Parker Industries

Parker in Superior Spider-Man

Peter was used to being mistreated in the amount of jobs he had, but Octavius ​​showed how he would not bear the abuse lying down. To this end, this issue showed him the Parker Industries establishment after being laid off from Horizon Labs.

What’s interesting about this topic is that it showed how Octavius ​​differentiated himself from Peter by taking the initiative, as running his company allowed him to take control. The issue also featured a confrontation with Black Cat, where Octavius ​​did not participate in any pranks as Peter would have and left Black Cat to be taken away by the police.

6 Christos N. Gage’s Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 8 in which Otto has an identity crisis

The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 8 Gwen Poole

During the War of the kingdoms Bow, Superior Spider-Man was shown helping through the realms when he arrived in Jotunheim to locate the attack. In this issue, it becomes clear how he is just one of many superheroes when the big picture comes into play, as no one wanted to follow his orders.

Gwen Poole reminded Octavius ​​that he was the hero in his own story and that his identity crisis at this point was the result of him not realizing that even helping one person made him a hero in opposition. to your way of thinking. It’s a good theme that helped create a limit in Superior Spider-Man’s mind.

5 The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 # 11 By Dan Slott Where Superior Spider-Man Rises

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.  3 11 Cropped

Superior Spider-Man would have made a good Batman villain considering how many times he has resurfaced. This appearance was established during the Spider-verse story in which Peter Parker met Octavius, and the latter thought that Peter was a version of the past.

The best thing about this problem is how it presents a different point of view to the previous events, since it is from Peter’s perspective that Octavius ​​is shown to be wrong in considering himself the main Spider-Man of Earth- 616. This comic tends to be overlooked due to the broader consequences of the Spider-verse but it’s a good time between the two Spider-Men.

4 The Superior Spider-Man # 30 by Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage where Otto accepts that he is not superior

The Superior Spider-Man 30 Ock Dies

The Superior Spider-Man hated a lot of people, but those who wanted to harm Anna Maria were at the top of the list. However, this issue showed that he was still essentially selfish, as he chose to abandon Spider-Man 2099 and even save a girl’s life due to wanting to hunt down the Goblin King.

While the comic drew attention at the time for bringing Peter back as the main Spider-Man, the focus was only on this aspect. However, Otto’s act of redemption deserves to be mentioned, as he eventually admitted that he had failed as Superior Spider-Man and willingly let Peter take control again.

3 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 # 20 by Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage in which Otto destroys Peter’s consciousness in his body

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 # 20 Doc Ock Returns

With Peter Parker’s rise in popularity due to today’s MCU, the idea of ​​his demise wouldn’t fly well today. This issue was also not very popular back then as Octavius’s Octobot consciousness killed Peter’s resurrected consciousness unceremoniously after reviving the original Octavius ​​body in which Peter had died.

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And yet, this is how he was supposed to act, as the Octobot Octavius ​​did not have the character development of the Superior Spider-Man Octavius. The act of brutality in this comic should increase Superior Spider-Man’s appreciation, as the Octobot showed just how evil Octavius ​​could be.

two The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 1 by Christos N. Gage in which Otto decides to partner with Anna Maria

The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 1

Once he gains another body, Octavius ​​decides to become the Superior Spider-Man once again, this time in San Francisco. With the return of Peter Parker, not many fans paid attention to this comic, which is a shame as it established how Octavius ​​could now be a true Spider-Man.

The story saw him take on Terrax and behave like a classic superhero instead of showing malevolence. It also showed Anna Maria’s influence on Octavius ​​when she agreed to help him be a true hero, as Superior Spider-Man turned the page.

1 The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 5-6 By Christos N. Gage Where Superior Spider-Man joins Doctor Strange

The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 5 Doctor Strange and Spider-Man Team Up

Among the many superheroes that Spider-Man has been associated with, the Superior Spider-Man and Doctor Strange duo is certainly unique. The issue wasn’t very popular at launch due to the low stakes involved, but it should be appreciated for giving Superior Spider-Man some fun fun.

He teamed up with Doctor Strange to take on Master Pandemonium and had a humorous exchange in which the two swapped their abilities while Doctor Strange wore the rows while Superior Spider-Man donned the Cloak of Levitation.

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