10 ways Chainsaw Man is the next great anime

2020 and 2021 have been and are being defined in the anime department by Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Haikyuu !! season four, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the fourth and final red-hot season of Attack on Titan. Dr stone Y The promised neverland Season two is also ongoing, but the next big anime series to hit screens could be a recently completed manga in the form of Chainsaw man.

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It ended in December, although writer Tatsuki Fujimoto confirmed that a sequel series will be published and serialized in the Jump + digital magazine. MAPPA recently announced that they are producing a series, and given the praise the manga received and the enthusiasm and buzz online celebrating how it ended, this could be the next big anime.

10 Shonen’s weekly jump appeal

Denji and Pochita on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump, and art for Chainsaw Man chapter 71

Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine is arguably the biggest name in manga serialization, and several of its hit series are chosen for anime adaptations. The days of extremely long-form manga series like Naruto, Bleach, Y One piece– although the latter is still ongoing and maintaining its acclaim – have largely calmed down and the authors are opting for more conciseness.

The likes of Murderer of demons, The promised neverland Y Chainsaw man they were necessary to drive sales and the cycle in several successful franchises. Chainsaw man threw his weight on his WSJ It runs from start to finish, and the name that has been established through that platform will lead fans to look into the premiere date and beyond.


MAPPA logo, Attack on Titan season four, and visual effects from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Another great indicator that the next Chainsaw man The anime will be the next big news in the medium is the fact that MAPPA are the ones in charge. They have been well known in the industry as a powerful study, but 2020 was definitely the year of MAPPA. Jiu Jitsu Kaisen got its anime premiere through them, and after Wit Studio stopped animating the final season of To attack Titan, they picked it up at the same time.

Not to mention Dorohedoro being a quality, if underrated, anime from early last year. MAPPA has been handling all of these big names, particularly Attack on TitanY Jiu Jitsu is another great seller in WSJ. By now, they’ve surely earned most of the fan’s trust that MAPPA has more than it takes to make a stellar. Chainsaw man adaptation.

8 Action

Denji fighting the devil bat in Chainsaw Man

It goes hand in hand with the previous point, but Chainsaw man– unsurprisingly – he’s known in part for wild action sequences. Fujimoto’s art in the manga alone is enough to bring home the brutality and intensity, along with his distinctive stylistic approach to character design.

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If all goes well in the animation department, and MAPPA gives fans no reason to doubt them, audiences will be captivated by the high-octane fight scenes throughout the anime’s run. With how MAPPA has handled the fights in AoT Y Jiu Jitsu, this should be one of the strongest points of the anime that will soon be.

7 More concise

Chainsaw Man Cover Art

Returning to the topic of conciseness, the length of the series could be a strength in the next anime adaptation. With the format over a decade largely overdue, the brevity may allow the series to be potentially animated without major long-term commitments from MAPPA amid other projects.

The anime could be the initial hook for audiences and then set a second season that will end the story. Not everyone is guaranteed to get on board another odyssey-level series, as they might be sold out in the middle, and a good anime that starts and ends strong, but doesn’t stay too long, is welcome.

6 Shamelessly exaggerated

Chainsaw Man Promotion

It is clear that there are some clear absurdities in the world of Chainsaw man, even for a shonen manga. Yet it’s how blatantly he embraces those absurdities that makes the manga work so well. This obviously works for action purposes, but Chainsaw man enjoying its inherently exaggerated nature shows itself in world-building as well.

Making an alternate take that works as a tribute to the more serious version of Sui Ishida. Terror in tokyo Y Tokyo Goul: re They do well to set the stage for how the demons that plague Japan have infected virtually every facet of society and subsequently the key characters in it, namely Denji. Fundamentally, he does so without taking himself too seriously, which could be an easy trap in a manga about a teenager who can transform into a literal chainsaw devil man.

5 Heartwarming coming of age amid brutality

Denji and Pochita in the Chainsaw Man manga

What may surprise some is that Chainsaw man It’s also a part of coming-of-age story despite the insane premise and action. It’s certainly not a slice of life, but amid all the brutality and gore there is a pleasantly surprising and heartfelt coming-of-age story for Denji that resonates emotionally apart from the demons and chainsaw men.

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In the end, Denji is a boy who had almost nothing growing up apart from Pochita after his father’s death, living as a Yakuza slave to the point where some of his biggest ambitions in life are some of the things Basic that humans crave and / or need: eat slices of bread with jam (basically food) with Pochita, his best and only friend, meet a girl, play video games with her and “fall asleep in her arms.” Watching him grow up and trying to find the next goal to strive for, doing his best, regardless of scope, will give fans something to cheer for.

4 Black mood

Chainsaw Man Power

It partly gets into the point about coming of age and Denji’s character development, and also how Chainsaw man She doesn’t try to take herself too seriously, but the series makes great use of black humor throughout. A lot of this is used well through Denji and Power, as both are used comically, and they’re not relegated to cheap comic relief roles either.

Particularly for Denji, much of the humor that comes from him is used through his adorable innocence and childish ignorance, as he has grown up knowing little outside of human cruelty. With Power, she tries so hard to be a caricatured and exaggerated tyrant, despite her traits of deep empathy. Cases like these are great ways to tastefully inject natural humor into a dark premise, so that said premise isn’t too bleak for the story / reader.

3 Ready to adapt part 2

MAPPA's announcement of its Chainsaw Man anime adaptation

With the recent conclusion of the manga, the news accompanied it that Fujimoto would create a sequel in Jump +So if this early anime takes off, you have an obvious chance to adapt the eventual sequel. The timing is excellent for this, as the original has all the source material laid out for MAPPA, allowing a space between the two soon-to-be franchise series.

Spacing the next anime into a couple of seasons will give the studio plenty of time to do some quality work on this, and hopefully allow “Part 2” to have enough published chapters to get a possible anime adaptation for initial production. / conceptual. stages. This would keep Chainsaw man it was generally talked about for the longest time.

two Art Style

Denji and the cursed devil

An interesting aspect of the upcoming anime is how Fujimoto’s art style will be illustrated and animated. A single pull of Chainsaw manManga is the distinctive art style used, particularly in terms of character design. He doesn’t use an approach that a shonen manga would normally do and instead uses the tone of a darker world, though he still uses such comic elements to keep his balance.

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Character designs with this style are clearer in depicting demons and action sequences, portraying them in grotesque ways to amplify the brutality of the threats this world faces.

1 Secondary characters

Himeno and Aki on the covers of Chainsaw Man vols.  3 and 4, respectively

While Denji carries most of the “coming of age” part of the story, there are definitely other empathetic characters. Power is a fun character who lights up the atmosphere, but it’s not just the accessory mentioned above, as his backstory begins to forge a few layers. In the beginning, perhaps the two best supporting characters with dynamics are Aki and Himeno.

Aki definitely has the superficial tropes of the softer Sasuke, but his warmest and most genuine features emerge amid the battle-hardened exterior as he explores his relationship with Himeno. Himeno leaves an emotional impression when the reader discovers his numbness to death until he meets Aki and feels what it is like to have a deeper bond with someone again.

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