15 Gerard Butler Movies Available to Rent or Stream, Including Greenland

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Gerard Butler is one of those actors who has a knack for entertaining fans of romantic comedies, comic book adaptations, and hyped disaster movies better than any. From tear gas like ps I love you to End of the World Family Action Dramas I like it GreenlandButler spent the first two decades of the 21st century looking for new ways to up the ante and perform some miraculous feats, regardless of gender.

And it’s not like Gerard butler It has only appeared in a handful of memorable films in the last 20 years. No, not this Scottish actor. In fact, he’s had roles in so many different movies over the years, it’s easy to lose sight of all of them. But thankfully, a host of Butler’s dramas, comedies, and action shows are available to stream (or at least rent) right now. With that said, here are 15 movies (plus a few over a couple of franchises) starring Gerard Butler that you can watch right now.


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