There are MANY mobile games that allow players to design houses and patios. These five stand out as highlights of the mobile design genre.

Design games can offer players the opportunity to put together their perfect homes. With the rise in popularity of HGTV and similar home renovation shows, fans may want to try doing their own design work on a patio or home. There are plenty of PC games that focus on simulating that, but there’s also something to be said for bringing that kind of creative expression on the go.

These five mobile games manage to balance typical mobile game design options with satisfying and creative playability. There are many design games for mobile devices available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, which also shows how popular these types of games have become. Here are five of the best home design games available for mobile devices.

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1. Home design: Caribbean life

Many design games for mobile devices combine the genre with another very popular one: Match-3 puzzle games. Unfortunately, most of these titles are littered with tons of in-app purchases. the Interior design The series does not fall into this trap, managing to balance the two styles of play. Home Design: Caribbean Life stands out from the rest of the Interior design games due to their unique environment and their generally more positive reviews.

Google Play Store reviews say that while the game offers fairly standard in-app purchases, it doesn’t actually go live until very late on the game’s 1000+ levels. The design elements of the house and patio also do not take a backseat in the match-3 game, as it is treated more like a minigame that unlocks new types of furniture for players to decorate. Home Design: Caribbean Life is probably one of the best mobile design games that follows a more standard formula.

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2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp stays true to From Nintendo Full-length city simulation series putting creativity first. The main objective of Pocket camp is to design a camp for the villagers that suits their interests. In short, its playability goes straight to the point of designing games. Creativity and expression are the main focus of Pocket camp.

One of the best things about Pocket camp is that in-app purchases are only available to collectors who want to get all the furniture in one set. For players who just want to design a cozy camp, the various reviews of the game make it clear that spending real money is not necessary. Cozy is a great word to describe Pocket camp, as the game’s charming art style and cute characters give this free game a warm and welcoming feel.

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3. Design my room

Design my room is an interior design game at its core, and it doesn’t have a match-3 minigame. Reviewers praise the design-centric gameplay, but note that in-app purchases may be required to progress much earlier than most of the games. Design my roomThe series of challenges may eventually require players to spend money, but once they do, they will find that the types of furniture and styles they have access to are greatly increased.

4. Adorable home

Very similar Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Lovely home it has an incredibly charming and cute art style. Players can not only purchase new furniture for their adorable home, they can even complete small tasks around their home to make it feel much more inhabited. Designing other people’s houses is the main focus of the other design games on this list. Lovely home it’s a nice change that helps make the design elements feel a little more personal.

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5. Flipper House

Yes House fin sounds familiar, it may be because the Steam The version of this game received a lot of praise when it was released. The free mobile port of House fin it’s a bit more limited than the Steam version, but it still captures the main game of renovating and redesigning homes. House finThe mobile experience offers a total makeover experience unlike most other design games on mobile devices.

The only major disadvantage of House fin is the currency system of the game. Many players in Google Play reviews mention that without spending real money, it is only possible to play the game for a short period of time before players run out of Flip Coins. Limited experience is certainly unfortunate, but House finStill, Android users should check out the overall experience.

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