9 Marvel villains who are just trying to survive

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of heroes who want nothing more than to prevent bad guys from inflicting pain on others. However, not all supervillains in the MCU exist just to wreak havoc; some of them just try to get by.

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All these villains want to do is live their lives, and heroes like the Avengers will not stop standing in their way. Although these villains commit a number of heinous acts, ranging in severity from mildly annoying to downright egregious, no one can argue that these ten villainous characters are, in the end, simply trying to get by.

9 Loki is simply the trickster he was raised for

Loki’s many and varied crimes range from mildly irritating his brother to nearly destroying New York City. He has many internal and external conflicts, and he struggles to find his place in the world and in the galaxy. He’s just trying to live his life, but he struggles along the way.

His life as a god is a life of madness and, more than that, he is a trickster god. His mother taught him the ways of magic, and he has spent his entire life learning how to use magic to deceive the people around him. It is their bread and butter; Loki isn’t trying to be a villain, he’s just being Loki.

8 Vulture was reacting to having his most important job stolen from him

Before Adrian Toomes is someone else, he is a family man. He cares deeply about his family, especially his daughter, and values ​​the well-being of his employees as if they were family. In fact, it is because he tries to help his employees that he even gets involved in the black market and eventually becomes the villain known as Vulture.

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He takes on the hero Spider-Man, who sees him as a mere bad boy, at first. Eventually, he realizes, as does the audience, that the Vulture is a man forced into unfortunate circumstances while only trying to survive and help others survive as well.

7 The Mandarin was just an actor who played the role for which he was hired

When iron Man 3 came out, fans thought they were going to see Mandarin on the big screen. As this character is a comic book fan favorite villain, it was exciting to imagine that he would stand up to Iron Man and join the MCU. However, it turned out that Mandarin was not really Mandarin. Instead, the Mandarin is an actor – or rather ex-actor – named Trevor Slattery, who was hired by Aldrich Killian to impersonate the supervillain / terrorist the Mandarin.

He indirectly took responsibility for the heinous acts of Aldrich Killian and was captured by Tony Stark. According to All hail the king, the real Mandarin is still out there, and he doesn’t appreciate Trevor’s insulting performance of him.

6 Justin Hammer just wants to keep his success, but he goes too far

Justin Hammer showing weapons

Like the Mandarin, Justin Hammer is a villain who takes on Tony Stark, specifically, more often than any other hero. While Tony Stark is the CEO of Stark Industries, Justin Hammer is the CEO of Hammer Industries; Since they are both military contractors, they have long been business rivals with each other.

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Justin Hammer, in an attempt to surpass Stark and defeat his technological developments, deviates down the path of villainy. He just wants to maintain his success and ends up completely falling apart.

5 The winter soldier was kidnapped and brainwashed

Bucky Barnes from Marvel

Many, many years ago Steve Rogers believed that he had lost his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Unfortunately, Bucky lived and was kidnapped and brainwashed by HYDRA to become the Winter Soldier, a nefarious and senseless assassin. Every now and then, Bucky would break his brainwashing, but HYDRA would always clean him up again.

When i arrive to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the titular Winter Soldier was fighting with his life. All you want to do is survive, you just want to get by and other people are getting in your way. If it weren’t for Steve Rogers, it seems like Bucky could never cope at all.

4 Thunderbolt Ross just wanted to recreate the super soldier serum

Thaddeus Ross once wanted to recreate the super soldier serum. After Steve Rogers became Captain America, the last serum, and Dr. Abraham Erskine, were destroyed, so the serum had not been manufactured again in decades. However, things get out of hand when experiments to recreate the serum go awry, resulting in Bruce Banner’s radioactive transformation into the Incredible Hulk.

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Since Thaddeus is also the father of Bruce’s girlfriend, Betty Ross, the two often clash, but Thaddeus is doing his job, ultimately. Even if he’s a villain to the Hulk, known as Thunderbolt Ross, he occasionally even serves as the Hulk’s ally when they end up on the same side.

3 Hela was punished for doing exactly what she was told to do

When Hela was sent to her stasis prison, it was because she had followed her father’s orders too much. He raised her to be his executioner; After he changed his mind and began to change his ways, she struggled to change with him, for which he eventually imprisoned her.

When Odin’s death freed Hela from Hel, she returned to what she had been doing before her imprisonment. Even if your actions are heinous, you are doing everything you know how to do. His father taught him that this was all he should and could do, and he is living as he was taught.

two Alexander Pierce is doing what he thinks he must do to survive

Alexander-Pierce-Winter Soldier

Like Justin Hammer and Thunderbolt Ross, Alexander Pierce is less of a dramatic costumed supervillain and more of a subversive “mystery entity” supervillain. He is one of the leaders of HYDRA, and once one of the leaders of SHIELD, which allowed HYDRA to grow and grow within the organization.

His life is full of his villainy; All his tasks are focused on existing as a supervillain and HYDRA agent. He’s doing what he thinks he needs to do to get ahead, unaware that HYDRA’s greatest weapon, the Winter Soldier, is more than ready to turn on him.

1 The grandmaster does not consider his actions as bad in any way

the Grand Master watches as Thor tries to use his powers through his inhibitor.

The Grandmaster is perhaps the MCU’s best example of a villain who’s just trying to live his life and get by. Honestly, Grandmaster isn’t just living his life, he’s living his best lifetime. He really loves his life in Sakaar and the things he does. He does not consider his actions wrong in the least, but simply his daily life.

The Grandmaster is ultimately unaffected by his horrible acts because he doesn’t even see them as horrible acts. You just see everything you do as the normal way to live your life.

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10 DC villains who are just trying to live their life

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