90 Day Boyfriend: Rebecca’s Zied Had This Shocking Job In Tunisia

Zied Hakimi not having a job has been a concern for Rebecca Parrott’s family in Boyfriend of 90 Days, but her posts on IG show interesting past work in Tunisia.

There’s a reason Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott are said to have one of the truest love stories in 90 day fiancé. The couple of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days returned to season 8 with a plot that certainly sees an end with Rebecca and Zied’s marriage. But along with his similarities to Rebecca’s third Moroccan ex-husband, it has always been Zied’s unemployment that has worried his friends and family. However, a scroll through Zied’s GI shows that the 90 day fiancé The star had an amazing job in Tunisia.

After meeting us on Facebook, 90 day fiancé The 50-year-old star Rebecca had traveled to Tunisia to meet her man Zied in Tunis, while fearing she would be scammed and hiding some secrets of her own. Rebecca, who admitted to using filters while speaking to Zied, was also legally married to a Moroccan man, one who had apparently married her to obtain a green card. To add to Zied’s problems, the 90 day fiancé Star had also had a relationship with a woman in her past, something that went against her culture. However, background checks conducted on Zied by Rebecca’s private investigator friend had revealed that although her 90 day fiancé partner did not have a criminal past, apparently he had not worked either “one day in his life. This information left Rebecca, who had spoken earlier, confused that Zied had worked as an audience coordinator for local television shows. 90 day fiancé Season 8 still has Melanie raising her doubts that Zied did not work while in America, her previous work, as revealed through retro IG photos, shows that she has a promising future with Rebecca.

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TO mail from August 27, 2019 from Judge ZiedInstagram shows the 90 day fiancé Celebrity dressed in a costume that fans say makes him look like Carthaginian General Hannibal. Rebecca’s now husband has captioned the post with: “Hhhhhh so beautiful time before 2 years“Which means it could be from an acting assignment in 2017. And Zied’s explanation for the image is that”it’s from an ice cream ad. ” Other mail August 2, 2019 shows a long-haired Zied in an FBI officer outfit complete with a fake pistol. A video in the post also shows Zied chasing and firing his gun at a potential criminal while arresting him in his police outfit, sporting a soft mustache!

While this interesting past of Zied has not been explored in 90 day fiancé, writes that the publication is a file of “some of the acting” he is “made over the years. “The reality TV star also has a lot of thirsty fans who comment on the IG post with”Wow, he looks so different with short hair,” Y “so sexy. “But some fans seem to be confused if”this day of 90 is just a performance concert“For Zied and another fan who writes”So now we know that you just want to be on TV, so this relationship that you have is everything for you to be famous in America.. “

Because Zied currently posts clickbait links on his Instagram, fans believe that he may have finally received his permission to work in America after marrying Rebecca. But given Zied’s recent degree in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) school, could the 90 day fiancé star get a technician job next? Or could Zied try his hand at Hollywood like his wife Rebecca did when she was working at Keeping up with the neighbors?

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Source: Judge Zied / Instagram

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