Alpha Betas trailer brings YouTube video game personalities together in animated form

The trailer for YouTube’s new animated series Alpha Betas features various video game personalities as members of an elite digital fighting force.

YouTube has released the trailer for its latest animated series, Alpha Betas.

Alpha Betas features four skilled video gamers who join a government strike force known as “Alpha Team.” Labeled as “deliberately reckless and dangerously arrogant,” gamers are digitally broadcast to the worlds of video games to combat potential threats. The series was created by Chris Bruno and David Lee, who previously created the Facebook animated series. Human discoveries. Starburns Industries, who has handled animation for several series, including Rick and morty, will animate the series.

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As corresponds to the same style of the house of Rick and morty, Alpha Betas presents a lot of adult humor. One of the Alpha Team members confronts a Nazi soldier with a flamethrower and yells, “What’s up, Nazi bitch?” before immolating it. Another laments that killing people in video games is not the same as doing it in real life, causing massive spitting from a member of his team.

The series features the voice talents of VanossGaming (Evan Fong) as Eddie, BasicallyIDoWrk (Marcel Cunningham) as Mason, I AM WILDCAT (Tyler Wine) as Tommy, and Terroriser (Brian Hanby) as Buck. Other announcers on the series include Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn nine nine) Y Rick and morty student Chris Parnell, among others.

The pilot episode of Alpha Betas It will premiere on March 13, 2021 on the VanossGaming YouTube channel.

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