Roger the Alien is one of the funniest characters in american father, although it is also one of the most horrible. His version of reality doesn’t line up with anyone else’s, and it’s still a surprise that the government didn’t catch him (again), considering how carelessly he waltzes around town.

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This inattention could be due, in part, to her wardrobe and theatrical abilities, because Roger has some pretty crazy ideas regarding both. Many different costumes were worn over the years, many of which appear in the show’s opening song beginning in season 5. However, there are a few that really stand out.

10 Virgin

Roger as Madonna

Embodying Madonna’s heyday in the 1980s, Roger performs the superstar singer’s iconic “Papa Don’t Preach,” a song about teenage pregnancy. He directs the lyrics to Hayley, saying that he is “a little crazy” and that she has to show him “what she wants” because her “goal in life is to be a mom.”

The best part is at the end of the performance when Roger meets a clothing store owner and strips naked and dons an incredibly identical tapered bra.

9 Glad handz

Roger as Glad Handz

Roger calls himself a “THAT– Glad Handz style evil clown … with az “, trying to tempt Steve to the gutter. Of course, mentioning it spoils any surprise you have planned.

The alien goes on to explain that he wanted revenge on Steve for “getting it right”, so he started “sharpening his teeth to points”. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t work, and the next guy who passes by similarly ignores it. Still, it’s surprisingly creepy, even for Roger,

8 Lamborghini by Reaganomics

Roger and Steve

in a Return to the future parody, Steve thinks his time travel plan has failed because he meets Roger. However, the alien responds by saying that his name is “Reaganomics Lamborghini, Jacuzzi dealer”.

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If that’s not enough, he asks Steve if he wants to smoke “with a pipe made from a Rubik’s cube,” before setting his Prince wig on fire. Its first name refers to the economic policies outlined by the then president of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

7 Raul

Roger as Raul

Roger becomes a Spanish bullfighter who cruelly abandons his lover, Marie Dubonet, because he wants a child (and she is “too old and sterile”). Luckily, Raúl learns that one of his bullfighting accidents has seriously injured him. your reproductive organs; poetic justice for its hypocrisy.

Roger obviously also plays Captain Francois Dubonet, an Interpol officer, who is actually married to the woman Raúl is having an affair with.

6 Crypt

Roger as the guardian of the crypt

For the 100th episode of the show, the showrunners decided to have a little fun talking about how many people are going to die (hint: that’s 100). Roger dresses up as the Cryptkeeper from the famous HBO horror anthology. Tales from the Crypt.

He then announces that “tonight, we’ll find out” Who shot Mr. Burns? “, An allusion to a famous episode of The Simpsons. Roger consequently falls back into his usual self, sadly stating that he wants a baby when he learns that it was Maggie who shot.

5 Sentimental movie

Roger as Tearjerker

As a spectacular tribute to James bond and presumably Goldfinger, Roger has the persona of Tearjerker, a villain movie producer who kidnaps famous actors and impersonates them with strange robots of his own. It seems like he’s won in the end when Stan and Francine (as Sexpun T’come) are captured.

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However, a last-second plan involving his wife’s anatomy helps him defeat Tearjerker. A small tribute is made to Terminator ii when Roger’s hand emerges from the volcanic magma in one of the funniest episodes dedicated to him.

4 Renoir horse

Roger as Horse Renoir

Hayley’s boyfriend Jeff is apparently a wanted criminal in Florida, so Stan tries to rescue him (after learning that all the drug-related crimes were his father’s fault).

However, he must first defeat Roger as Renoir Horse, “born in a swamp”. Fortunately, he falls in love with an obvious feint and his bounty hunting days come to an end (in that episode).

3 Choice

Roger as choice

When the Smiths go to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Roger goes into a frenzy and turns into Valik, a blond hooligan with heterochromia (one bright blue eye). He promises the children that he will murder them unless they can secure the best possible gift for their parents.

Terrified, Hayley and Steve flee to South America, hoping their pursuer will lose track. Of course, since Jeannie Gold runs their business in Argentina, which allows Valik to follow them there.

two The ghost of the telethon

Roger as the ghost

Roger is furious when Stan steals his telethon idea for the CIA and transforms into the Phantom (of the Opera). He enters fully into this character’s zone, even hiding in the rafters and forcing Steve to play his damsel in distress, all the way “in the catacombs.”

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Unfortunately, the Ghost frees a captive terrorist and Stan realizes that torturing him live would help them achieve their financial goals. But poor Roger is still not recognized for having come up with the whole idea in the first place.

1 Steve Smith

Roger as Steve Smith

This is probably one of the weirdest characters played by Roger – when Steve wants to ask one of his classmates out, his alien friend suggests they swap “faces” so he can help him out.

Surprisingly, Roger-Steve treating Jenna horribly makes her attracted to him, but at this point, the fake is opposed to going back to his original face. Until, of course, his new girlfriend finds out she’s pregnant. However, before wearing this “disguise”, Roger appears faceless. Super creepy.

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