Animal Crossing: New Horizons Valentine’s Day celebrations are underway and include surprise gifts from the villagers players have bonded with.

the Animal crossing The Valentine’s Day celebrations are underway and the villagers are sending out gifts to players to kick off the event quite mild. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most recent title in the series and also the most successful, with its first anniversary after launch rapidly approaching on March 20, 2021. As of now, it is the second best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time behind Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and well ahead of third place in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a position that indicates how powerful the franchise has become with its most recent iteration.

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Part of the appeal of the game is the way it handles real-world events like Animal crossing Valentine’s celebrations. Days before Animal crossing The Lunar New Year was well underway, offering players event-specific items and a new mechanic that allowed them to befriend villagers using bells, complementing the elegant implementation of the celebration with functional use as well. Past celebrations have varied in their reception from fans, but since then the possibly disastrous Animal Crossing: New Horizons Easter event, Christmas-themed updates have ranged from fun, deep endeavors to light, low-key affairs.

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the Animal crossing The Valentine’s Day celebration is more in the latter category, with very few updates or additions to the game. However, one touch that is being welcomed by fans is the fact that Animal crossing Valentine’s Day gifts have been popping up in their mailboxes from villagers with whom they have spent time becoming close friends. A report from DualShockers detailing what the event has added goes through the smaller scale additions, but appears to be a moderate day by Animal crossing standards, perhaps because Valentine’s Day can be a divisive issue between people depending on their personal lives.

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where goes Celeste animal crossing new horizons

For those interested Animal crossing Valentine’s Day also marks the last day for your event-themed items, so those who have been putting off picking them up but want to add them to their collection will need to do so soon. Otherwise, the day seems to be a transitional period between the Lunar New Year and the next big event, which is Festivale.

The fact that Animal crossing Valentine’s Day isn’t as obvious or ubiquitous as some of the other events in the game it’s quite enjoyable, and it probably indicates the fact that the game doesn’t want to make anyone feel too bad about the holidays if they already carry some negative connotations. with that. As Animal Crossing: New Horizons He continues to add more content, he seems to get around potential hurdles quite well, and with the goal of making his players happy above all else, there is no reason to believe that is going to change anytime soon.

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Source: DualShockers

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