Anthony Hopkins’ Undone Hannibal Sequel Would Have Killed The Horror Icon

Anthony Hopkins once wrote his own script for the Hannibal sequel, and this is how the story played out and how the cannibal villain comes to an end.

Anthony Hopkins’ undone Hannibal The sequel would have ended with the death of the horror icon. Hannibal Lecter’s character has had a long history on the big and small screen. Brian Cox first played him in the 1986 thriller. Manhunter, an adaptation of Red Dragon by author Thomas Harris. Cox’s charming and understated twist was both fascinating and mysterious, but sadly, the movie turned out to be a box office disappointment.

Hannibal made a triumphant return with 1991’s The silence of the lambs, which cast Anthony Hopkins for the role and Jodie Foster as FBI rookie Clarice Starling. From its tense direction, fantastic script, and incredible performances, The silence of the lambs It is considered one of the best thrillers of the nineties. Despite appearing for about fifteen minutes of screen time in total, Hopkins’s turn as Hannibal was instantly iconic and viewers clamored for the character’s return.

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Anthony Hopkins would return to the role twice more, with 2001 Hannibal and later Red Dragon Next year. While both films were huge successes, their critical receptions were much more varied than The silence of the lambs. Hopkins would later turn down a cameo in the 2007 prequel Hannibal rising, which detailed the origin of the main character and cast Gaspard Ulliel as the young Hannibal. Hopkins has since ruled out any kind of return to his most popular role, but in 2002, he revealed that he had written a script after the events of Hannibal.

Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore in Hannibal

2001 Hannibal The film avoided the novel’s controversial ending and instead had Hopkins’s Lecter escape from custody and back on the run, but lost a hand in the process. During a chat with USA Today then Red Dragondeclared the veteran actor “I wrote a script of my own, just as an exercise, that would follow Hannibal. “Details on the story are scant, but Hopkins revealed that it took place in San Francisco and followed Clarice as she suffered a nervous breakdown. She suffers from nightmares and thinks she sees Hannibal on street corners, only to wake up one night. handcuffed to her bed. while the cannibal smokes a cigar in a corner and greets her with ‘Hi Clarice …

The final scene would have seen him shot and killed by Clarice, but while Anthony Hopkins showed this script to his agent and the studio, he also claimed it was just “an exercise. “Looks like there was no real progress at Hopkins Hannibal script, the next entry being the critique Hannibal rising. While Hopkins’ proposed sequel would have brought closure to his version of the character, perhaps it was for the best that it didn’t happen. None of his follow-ups reached the high level of Silence of inocents And without Jodie Foster’s involvement, this ending would probably have been disappointing too.

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