Are we SURE Inspiration 4 isn’t setting up the Fantastic Four?

Thanks to SpaceX, four civilians could go into space by the end of the year. But is it real or is it a way to promote the new Fantastic Four movie?

the Fantastic four It is the first Marvel family, spanning decades of comics, television shows, and multiple movies. Now that Disney owns the rights, fans are itching to see the heroes return to the big screen, this time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel already announced a Fantastic four the movie is in process; however, SpaceX may already be providing you with some guerilla marketing.

This latest Super Bowl saw a partnership ad with SpaceX and St. Jude Children’s Hospital. In the announcement, it was confirmed that the two companies are teaming up for the first civilian space mission called the Inspiration4. Those who donate will contribute to a fundraising drive for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, while also contributing to a four-person SpaceX team that will make history. However, it is speculated that this mission is actually a huge promo for the MCUs. Fantastic four, and there is evidence to back up the conspiracy.

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Since the beginning of the Fantastic four comics, Reed Richards and his three friends have been fascinated with discovering the secrets of the universe. The first number Fantastic four # 1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he saw them take to the stars to do just that. Sadly, that plan didn’t go as expected. While in space, the four of them were hit by cosmic rays and returned to Earth with new powers. But even after this, his desire to go further and chart the unknown never went away. Civilians going into space are no joke, and Inspiration4 will emulate exactly what it means to be explorers of the unknown, just like the Fantastic four.

There are many theories on how Fantastic four will be brought to the MCU, but Inspiration4 seems to be a suspect. The details about the mission feel strange, making it seem more like a marketing ploy than an actual space effort. While it’s true that SpaceX is involved, only one crewmate has been added so far, and the mission will launch later this year. Normally, adventures in space take much longer to unfold, but Inspiration4 is catching up suspiciously fast. If that’s not enough evidence, Inspiration4 takes almost exactly Fantastic fourThe logo and the core of the project is even linked to the ideals that the group of heroes represents: discovery and adventure.

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If the mission isn’t a giant ad for the new MCU movie, is it possible that SpaceX is trying to create a group of Fantastic Four in real life? With all Fantastic four connections, it almost seems like they are. Fans of the characters will watch the ship take off with enthusiasm, hoping that perhaps the crew will return with unique abilities.

Although the new SpaceX project looks suspiciously similar to the facets of Fantastic four, this is all still a conspiracy for now. If Inspiration4 isn’t really connected to the new MCU movie, that’s fine; at the end of the day, history will still be made and the children of St. Jude will receive the care and attention they need. the Fantastic four They’ve enjoyed a decades-long history, and seeing them come to life in the MCU will be monumental, regardless of whether or not this SpaceX mission is tied to the new movie.

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