Ash from Pokémon was finally able to defeat his most unfair opponent in the anime, Tobias, thanks to a new team of top-tier Pokémon.

the Pokemon The anime feels like it’s entering Ash’s final run as the series’ lead. If Ash’s time draws near, he may have a chance to set a final score before the end, and it involves beating an opponent Diamond pokemon Y Pearl seasons.

Most series of Pokemon The anime has followed the same formula: Ash travels to a new region from the most recent main games, beats Gyms, battles the evil team, makes it to the League, and then loses during the final tournament. This was the status quo until 2019, when Ash won the Alola League. And instead of traveling directly to the Galar region from Pokémon Sword Y To protect, anime has taken a new approach. The current series, Pokémon Travel, involves Ash and a boy named Goh traveling all over the Pokemon world. As Goh tries to catch them all, Ash competes in the World Coronation Series with trainers from around the world.

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Ash has had some ridiculous losses over the course of the Pokemon anime, but there is one that still frustrates fans to this day, as it made their journey futile: Ash was absolutely decimated in the Sinnoh region by a trainer who used Legendary Pokémon in battle.

Pokémon: Ash’s most unfair battle against Tobias and his legendary

Tobias Pokemon

After a long career in the Sinnoh region, Ash reached the semi-finals of the Lily of the Valley Conference. It was here that he faced a mysterious trainer named Tobias. Legendary Pokémon have appeared occasionally in the anime, but are generally given leading roles in the anime. Pokemon films. Tobias had a Darkrai and a Latios on his team. These two Pokémon quickly defeated all six of Ash, including Pikachu. Tobias didn’t even reveal his four remaining Pokémon, and has yet to make another appearance in the Pokemon anime.

There are many ephemeral characters in the Pokemon anime, but there’s a chance Tobias will return. If the rumors of the Diamond pokemon Y Pearl The remakes are true, The Pokémon Company will want to promote the Sinnoh region again in the anime. The structure of Pokémon Travel It makes it easy for Ash to return to Sinnoh, and the World Coronation Series provides him with a framework to challenge Tobias again.

So why should Ash be better now than the last time he faced Tobias? The main difference is your equipment. Ash currently has a team of six incredibly powerful Pokémon that wouldn’t look out of place in a competitive real-world match. Ash has Dragonite, Dracovish, Gengar, Lucario, Galarian Farfetch’d (which will likely evolve into Sirfetch’d), and Pikachu, who has a Gigantamax form. Tobias’s victory at the Lily of the Valley Conference should allow him to enter the World Coronation Series, but his battle against Ash won’t be as one-sided this time around, especially since Ash is now a League Champion. Fans will have to wait and see if the Pokemon The franchise will allow Ash to finally get a victory over his most unfair opponent.

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