Avatar: 10 times Korra was his worst enemy

The legend of Korra introduced Avatar Korra as the new hero, succeeding Avatar Aang years after the Hundred Year War finally ended. Korra was born in a new era and the world was rapidly changing outside the confines of the Southern Water Tribe. No one can blame Korra for needing some time to adjust to all of this and begin her quest as an Avatar in uncertain times.

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Still, there were times when Korra just didn’t know what she was doing, or it actually made things worse for herself and / or the people around her. Korra has her flaws, as well as her strengths and virtues, and ten particular cases stand out in which Korra definitely acted against everyone’s best interests, either by mistake or entirely on purpose.

10 When Korra resisted the Metalbender police fighting back

metalbender police korra

Many of Korra’s most self-sabotaging moments took place in Book One: Air, as Korra was an impetuous and reckless Avatar who was still trying to figure it all out. Once Korra arrived in the sprawling Republic City, she fought off some gangsters, and then the Metalbending police arrived.

Korra was also under arrest for causing so much chaos, and Korra defended herself. She didn’t mean to kill, but still, she and Naga were definitely resisting arrest, and that made matters worse when Korra was finally captured and taken to see Chief Lin Beifong. What a terrible first impression.

9 When Korra played Bolin and Mako and hurt them both

Korra isn’t the type to play with boys’ hearts and find it funny, but she misjudged her relationship with Mako and Bolin, the pro-bender brothers. Korra had her heart set on Mako at first, but he was involved with Asami Sato at the time, so Korra said yes when Bolin asked her out.

Bolin thought he really had a thing for Korra, but then Korra had a heated argument with Mako, then he kissed him too. Bolin saw all this and burst into tears, and Korra realized that she was largely to blame for all of this.

8 When Korra challenged Amon to a duel and backfired

Korra’s first main villain was the masked revolutionary man, Amon, and Korra didn’t like the idea of ​​a prolonged fight in the streets for the future of Republic City. So, he used the press to challenge Amon to a duel on the island of Aang’s statue. It seemed like a quick fix in Korra’s eyes.

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However, this was totally counterproductive. Amon kept Korra waiting until Korra dropped her guard, then cornered her and used serious intimidation to get inside Korra’s head. Korra was deeply shocked, giving Amon a psychological advantage from that point on.

7 When Korra tried to fight her way through Airbender training

Although Korra was a native Waterbender, she instead had the attitude of a Firebender, and that made it quite difficult to learn how to bend the air. Korra underwent training with Master Tenzin in no time, but her focus was completely misplaced.

Korra tried to fight her way through the training exercises with the brute strength of an Earthbender and the impatience of a Firebender. She ruined the training and even burned an ancient airbender relic out of frustration. Way to make things worse, Korra.

6 When Korra almost threw in the towel after Amon stole her bending abilities

once sad

Korra defeated Amon in the end, but at a price. Amon stole Korra of her water, firebending, and earthbending alike, and not even the great healer Katara could change that. Korra was very upset and ran off to be alone.

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No one could blame Korra for being distraught, but even without knowing that Aang was about to help her, Korra could have made the most of this and resumed her duties with only Airbending and spirit powers. She doesn’t have to give up like this.

5 When he abandoned Tenzin in favor of Unalaq

Legend of Korra: Tenzin

In Book Two: Spirits, Tenzin and the Northern Water Tribe chief Unalaq played tug of war for Korra. Who would be his master right now, especially in the face of unruly dark spirits? Korra sided with her uncle Unalaq, which was a bad decision.

Unalaq was planning something horrendous, and Korra played directly into his hands. If Korra had sided with Tenzin, she would have gained a more balanced and constructive view of the spiritual situation, and that would have delayed Unalaq’s plans a bit.

4 When Korra opened the spirit portals for Unalaq

Korra’s decision to side with Unalaq led her to open the southern spirit portal, and before the northern one was opened, Korra learned the truth of Unalaq’s plan, and Unalaq took Jinora hostage to coerce to Korra.

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Korra gave in to Unalaq’s demands and opened the north portal, but Unalaq played dirty and did not return Jinora. Now the world was in greater danger than ever, and Korra had to find a way to fix this.

3 When Korra gave in to Zaheer’s demands

Korra zaheer

In Book Three: Change, Zaheer and the Red Lotus emerged as the new villains, and at the end of the season, Zaheer defeated Tenzin in battle and took all the Airbenders hostage in an air temple. He then issued some demands to Korra.

Korra followed Zaheer’s instructions and surrendered, in exchange for the Airbenders’ freedom. But Korra had been tricked: the Airbenders were elsewhere, and Korra played directly into Zaheer’s hands. She shouldn’t have given up.

two When Korra couldn’t remove the mercury poison

broken mirror the legend of korra

Korra nearly lost her life when Zaheer poisoned her with mercury, and Suyin Beifong removed most of Korra’s body once Zaheer was captured. However, Korra had a bit left, and she couldn’t feel it at all, despite being a master of metals at this point.

Korra underwent a slow and difficult recovery with Katara in the Southern Water Tribe, refusing all other aid. Again, no one can blame her for being upset, but if Korra had reunited with a few more allies, she could have removed that mercury sooner, or at least recovered a little faster somehow. She does not I have be totally alone.

1 When Korra saw haunting images during her first duel with Kuvira

In Book Four: Balance, Korra finally recovered and was even able to re-enter the Avatar state. He rushed to Zaofu City, where Kuvira the great Unifier had brought his army, and Korra challenged Kuvira for the fate of the city.

Korra was rusty, and she fared poorly against the slick and smooth Metalbender Kuvira. And when Korra finally entered the Avatar state to turn the tables, she saw an image of her poisoned self and immediately collapsed. Kuvira easily won the duel after that.

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