Avengers: Vision’s original resurrection was more heartbreaking than WandaVision’s

In the original comics, The Vision’s resurrection was more heartbreaking than his return in WandaVision.

Vision’s MCU returns in WandaVision is full of many disturbing questions. After the death of the android at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, his resurrection was probably not a particularly pleasant process.

The original comics, however, feature The Vision’s most harrowing resurrection.

After the Vision attempted to take over the computer systems of world governments in Avengers # 253, by Roger Stern and Bob Hall, Android Avenging came to be feared. Due to this fear, a government organization called Vigilancia kidnapped Vision, in West coast avengers # 42 by John Byrne. The Scarlet Witch then led the West Coast Avengers on a mission to find her husband.

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Unfortunately, by the time the Avengers found Vision, he had been completely dismantled. This was quite a horrible sight, as The Vision was essentially dead and its inner workings crumbled. Hank Pym tried to reassemble it, but The Vision did not return as the same android it once was. In fact, Wonder Man denied the use of his brain patterns on The Vision’s body, leaving him cold and emotionless.

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It’s one thing for The Vision to be taken apart and rebuilt, but The Vision was denied its own individual emotions and personality. Rebuilt into an all-white body, The Vision’s physical form mirrored the blank slate of nothingness that it had become. To further the plight of The Vision and Scarlet Witch, in Avengers West Coast # 53, by Byrne, it was revealed that Wanda and Vision’s children were made by Mephisto parts. Tommy and Billy were returned to their origin and eliminated from existence.

With their children missing and loveless, The Vision and The Scarlet Witch parted ways. Vision was robbed of his emotions and family, completely stripping the android of his identity. While Wanda remained in the West Coast Avengers, Vision returned to the East Coast and remained, essentially, a robot.

The Vision continued its inhuman existence until Avengers Spotlight # 40, by Len Kaminski, Carrie Barre and Gavin Cutris, when he was implanted with the brain waves of Alex Lipton, a deceased scientist. While he was still not quite himself, at least The Vision regained some individual personality.

In Avengers # 360 by Bob Harras and Steve Epting, The Vision’s mind was swapped with that of Anti-Vision, an android from an alternate universe. The Anti-Vision, in The Vision’s white body, tried to infiltrate the Avengers but was eventually stopped. From these events, The Vision regained a more colorful body. After a period of cold detachment, the Vision returned to its former self.

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Still, even after regaining his emotions, The Vision never fully reconciled with The Scarlet Witch. For a long time, The Vision hid his emotions from Wanda, despite her growing jealousy of Wonder Man and The Scarlet Witch. This jealousy reached a critical point in Avengers # 23, by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, when The Vision clashed with Wonder Man.

Even after Wanda and The Vision reconciled in Avengers # 60, by Geoff Johns and Kieron Dwyer, their reunion was short-lived. In Avengers # 500, by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch, Wanda had a nervous breakdown, resulting in the death of The Vision, among others. When the vision returned Avengers # 19, by Bendis and Daniel Acuña, was far from reconciling with The Scarlet Witch. The two served together on various Avengers teams, but their relationship ended.

If it weren’t for the teardown and assembly of The Vision, The Scarlet Witch and The Vision would not have parted ways. Without this separation, the next series of events would not have occurred. The Vision may have recovered from its horrible resurrection, but his relationship with Wanda would never be the same again. This fractured marriage shows the lasting and heartbreaking impact of The Vision’s original resurrection.

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